Your Cozy Neighbourhood Cafe

What’s better than chilling in a cozy cafe, gossiping with friends or skipping traffic jam?【Brunch-Ga】is located at Hongdae, Seoul, transformed from a two storey house

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Best steak in Korea

Good steak is hard to find but if you are looking for one now, you are in the right place! 【₩oo Tender.】does fantastic steak, ensures

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Legit Good Lobsters & King Crabs

【Big Guy’s Seafood】is managed by AK Group offering you fresh lobster importing from United States and Canada. AK Group is the largest lobster distributor in

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Ji & Tobico Restaurant

How to go: Pusan National University Station Exit 3 Opening hours: Mon to Sat 11am – 10pm Landmark: Right beside police station Ji & Tobico

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Check in Busan Café

How to go: 3 minutes from Nampo Station Exit 7 Opening hours: Thurs to Mon (8am-6pm), Tues (8am-2pm) Landmark: 3rd floor of Money Exchange centre

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