The COOLEST Collab, Black Whale x CunFry, CunWhale Combo Is Happening on 2-3 April 2021

This is probably the COOLEST and most UNIQUE collaboration that you have ever seen! What happened when iTQi Michelin Korean Street Food meet famous bubble tea? Of course it’s a MUST try la! Imagine holding your favourite bubble tea with Korean food on top!? This all-in-one go-anywhere solution allow you to enjoy Korean street food while sipping on bubble tea at the same time! How cool is that!?

Don’t miss out Black Whale X CunFry – CunWhale Combo, opening promotion for 2 days only for as low as #RM1 at KL East Mall & Sunway Putra Mall on 2 – 3 April 2021.

Opening promotion:

Date: 2-3 April 2021 (2 days only)
Location: KL East Mall & Sunway Putra Mall
CunWhale Combo Promotion:
– RM1 shaker fries (Usual Price: RM5.90)
– RM5.90 CunWhale Combo (Usual Price: RM15.90)

If you don’t already know, The Winner of International Competition, iTQi Michelin Superior taste Award 2021, CunFry uses only the finest ingredients and recipes from Korea only to deliver unique, flavourful and downright addictive Korean Street Food! Our favourite is definitely the  Signature Shaker Fries which available in 5 flavours – the MUST try is Hot & Spicy, BBQ and Tomyam! It is specifically made with premium potatoes Shepody (imported from Canada) coated with in-house fried powder and fried until a crispy and golden perfection. Then, sprinkle with CunFry’s unique homemade spices and shake until fries is evenly coated, bringing out the crispy and flavourful taste! You definitely DO NOT want to miss it out!

In conjunction with the collaboration with CunFry, Black Whale introduces 3 new soda beverages that pairs well with Korean Street Foods, allowing you to experience an unprecedented refreshing sensation in every bite. How thoughtful they are! The 3 newly launched flavours are:

Sparkling Golden Lime (Highly recommended)

  • Homemade plum sauce, paired with refreshing sparkling water, creates sweet taste of fresh golden plum soda! Accompanied with fresh lime and plum, each sip is blooming with layers of slightly sweet and bubbly, definitely a cup of summer must-drink! 

Sparkling Honey Lemon

  • A touch of premium Manuka honey mellows the fresh lemon and plum in this refreshing fizzy drink. This Honey Lemon Soda creates lightly dances in the mouth, revealing a full mouthfeel! 

Sparkling Honey Mango (Highly recommended)

Premium Mangoes cut into cubes, paired with sparkling water and Manuka honey. Every sip creating a delicate and refreshing honey mango soda with the taste of sweet and savoury! A great drink to quench your thirst to combat this hot weather 

So now you can grab and go with CunWhale Combo, whether you are in a rush or meeting or even driving in car. Remember it’s happening on 2-3 April 2021 for 2 days only with RM1 for shaker fries (U.P. RM5.90) and RM6.90 for CunWhale Combo (U.P. RM15.90). Don’t say BOJIO!

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