Somersby’s Newest Watermelon Cider Flavour is going to Refresh Your Life!

Fancy yourself a wholesome refreshing watermelon cider this time? You can and it’s all thanks to the newest creation from your favourite cider brand, Somersby! 

What’s amazing about this flavor? 

Somersby Watermelon will leave your mouth watering for more from their intensely fruity cider with watermelon taste and hints of apple notes. It has a pleasant long lasting sweetness with good balance of fruity and slight acidity. That is what we call a great party in my mouth! 

It goes well with any food pairing that focused on charcuterie, fruit based desserts and light salad to aid for a great eating experience. For maximum enjoyment, Somersby Watermelon Cider is best served over ice and of course, quenching your thirst with your loved ones. The best combination to have err day, all day. 

Hold up, the party is just getting started though! You can now REDEEM FREE Exclusive Somersby Watermelon Merchandises! Yes you saw that right! Plus, you can also stand a chance to win prizes as well 😉 

FREE Somersby Watermelon Cushion 

– With a minimum purchase of Somersby products (assorted variants, including Somersby Watermelon) worth RM60 in a single receipt 

FREE Somersby 21 inch Color Changing Umbrella and Convertible Recycle Bag 

– With a minimum purchase of Somersby products (assorted variants, including Somersby Watermelon) worth RM 100 in a single receipt 

Stand a chance to win Apple iPhone 12

– When you purchase at least 1 (one) bottle/can of Somersby Watermelon 

Besides that, if you’re a fan of ice cream with alcohol, you’re in luck! The famous alcoholic ice cream company in Malaysia, The Ice Cream Bar is collaborating with Somersby to introduce Somersby Watermelon Sorbet. It’s infused with Somersby Watermelon cider and actual watermelon. How refreshing is that!?

Offer 1 : Free mini scoop Somersby Watermelon Sorbet with any alcoholic ice cream purchased.
Offer 2 : Free one (1) can of Somersby Watermelon Cider with every purchase of Somersby Watermelon Sorbet; Single scoop (RM 11.20), Pint (RM 36.20) 

Grab yours now from:
– Grabfood (The ice Cream Bar)

OR in store:
– Desa Sri Hartamas
– Seapark
– 1U

Remember, you don’t need no seeds, just ice to make this Somersby Watermelon a wonderful drinking experience, so don’t forget to get them! 

Hashtags you can include when you’re doing it for the Gram : 

  • #SomersbyMY 
  • #SomersbyWatermelon 
  • #NoSeedsJustIce

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