Experience Wintery Gangwon with Virtual Activities and Korean OST Livestream Concert on 31 Jan 2021!

When binging our favourite Korean dramas, one thing that will stick in our head besides our obsession towards the actor and actress is their original soundtrack (OST) of the show. Take for instance, OST like Hotel De Luna’s Can You Hear Me, The Heirs’ I’m Saying , Mister Sunshine’s How Can I Forget You, Goblin’s I Will Go To You Like the First Show and also Crash Landing on You’s A Song for My Brother. Just reading one by one and we’re blasting these famous OST songs to get through our day. 

What if we told you that you can get a live Korean Drama OST Virtual Concert plus experience that wintery Gangwon province nicknamed Korea’s winter wonderland?

This is part of an effort by Korea Tourism Organization that introduces On:tact Gangwon Snow Festa K-OST Concert to embrace the wonderful things to do and to evoke beautiful scenes filmed in Gangwon Province. It is a global digital campaign that connects the world together and enables everyone to go on a virtual winter journey to Gangwon Province.

During the concert, it comes with the memorable quotes while the soundtracks are live streamed by original performers. Besides that, orchestras are being played too in perfect harmony with cutting-edge technology. They will also feature famous Korean drama shooting sites to get the feel more like Goblin, Winter Sonata and Crash Landing on You. 

As Gangwon Province hosts the international Gangwon Youth Winter Olympics, year 2024,  this exclusively makes Gangwon a new destination for Korea winter trip. Hence, with that being said, there are activities such as Virtual Winter Travel to Gangwon with their Wonderland of Snow that captivates the winter activities in Gangwon. Also, be surprised by their synergized features of cutting edge technology by experiencing high-end holographic VR and AR content

Don’t miss out this impressive virtual performance which is happening for ONE DAY only!

Event Details :

Live Date & Time: 8.30am on 31 Jan 2021 (Malaysia Time)

Landing Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC499dzcb2Fx9RD39Vqpz-lg

Check out the teaser below!

Performances of Korean Drama OST :

1) Take Off – Butterfly by Hwang Chi-yeul and orchestra
2) Goblin – I Will Go to You Like the First Snow by Ailee
3) Ice Flower – Queen of Ambition by Ailee
4) Can You Hear Me? – Hotel Del Luna by Ben
5) The Heirs – I’m saying by N.Flying
6) My Love from the Star – My Destiny by LYn
7) Legend of the Blue Sea – Love Story by LYn
8) Welcome to Dongmakgol – A Waltz Of Sleigh by orchestra
9) Descendants of the Sun – You are my everything and Talk love by orchestra
10) Crash Landing On You – The Song for My Brother by orchestra

Destination Promotion :

Torch ski & Inalichi Band Cover dance

Ice fishing & snow festival and curling game in Gangwon

Global Gangwon promoting video production contest highlight video

Winter unique sports as luge, skate, sled

Snow resorts & activities

Make sure to watch the entire show – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC499dzcb2Fx9RD39Vqpz-lg and stand a chance to win the lucky draw! Surprises are waiting for you! 

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