The Ice Cream That Is Made with REAL Musang King Durians? Watch it here!

Wow! You guys have got to check out this video! We are simply delighted that our favourite Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream is made with such fine ingredients. From the musang king durian fruits to the paste and ice creams, all of which were beautifully mixed to deliver the aroma, creamy taste and custard-like texture that we all can enjoy in the Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream today! 

We are blown away by the authenticity of the product whereby it uses REAL Musang King Durians. It is no wonder that Malaysians are hooked on this ice cream since its launch last year. In case you didn’t catch it all, let us summarize how each and every Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream is made:

The Making of Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream 

Step 1: The highest quality Musang King Durians are meticulously harvested from the mountains. 

Step 2: They are then, carefully transported to the factory where the Musang King Durian flesh is separated from the seed to make the paste.

Step 3: The paste is frozen to preserve the quality and freshness of the fruit and these pastes are then delivered straight to the Nestlé Ice Cream factory. 

Step 4: In this last and most crucial step, the paste is then mixed with the finest and most luscious cream at freezing point to achieve the perfect consistency.

Step 5: After all that, each pint would be packed and shipped nationwide for everyone to enjoy!

Mmm…it is undeniable that you can taste the REAL Musang King Durian’s strong pungent aroma, rich flavors and texture that is like no other in every Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream pint. Best of all, you can taste bits and pieces of the actual musang king durian fruit in every scoop you take. 

Honestly, what better way to reward your family and friends than with a delicious pint filled with real goodness? It is also a perfect treat to mix with other desserts and trust us, you’ll finish it in no time! If you have yet to try, you can get your hands on the Nestlé Musang King Ice Cream in any hypermarkets or supermarkets nationwide. Alternatively, you can also enjoy it from the comfort of your own home by purchasing it online here: 

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