Increase Immunity With Vida C, Malaysia’s 1st on-the-go 1000mg Vitamin C Drink

written by Natasha Christopher

Everyone is searching for that one refreshing, tantalizing and healthy drink. Introducing Vida C, which is fortified with 1000 mg of Vitamin C that helps strengthen your immune system! That’s equivalent to a squeeze of 18 oranges or 19 lemons! It is formulated using advanced Japanese research & development and expertise to ensure your thirst is quenched with this healthy choice. Every consumer can taste the amazing flavor and healthier option to this 325 ml pack size.

Shine with Vida C more as it comes in two flavors to your choosing, orange and lemon flavored. You can get all the citrusy and refreshing classic drink that everyone loves.

One of the main things about Vida C that stands out is the fact that it’s convenient. How? Well, it’s unlike those dilute soluble where you need to wait for it to dissolve in water. It’s even lower in sugar than your ordinary sparkling drink. And, it’s super delicious and really quenches your thirst!

Vitamin C is crucial to consume now for the health of you and your family. Vida C even tastes super good! Truly the best of both worlds

Whatever your lifestyle is, Vida C is there to boost your immunity in any situation.

Not to mention it is recognized as the healthier choice for Malaysia and also Singapore as well as approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and is certified HALAL.

Wondering on where you can grab your hands on these? It is now available at your nearest 7-Eleven or Caring Pharmacy! Or get them from the official store from Lazada or Shopee:


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