Enjoy BBQ Right From Home with Gyutaro Yakiniku!

written by Natasha Christopher

When it comes to Japanese food, there’s hardly anything wrong with Yakiniku. Yakiniku, meaning “grilled meat”, is a Japanese term that refers to grilled meat cuisine. Seeing that most of us are in the mode of eating from home, to barbeque at home doesn’t seem to have many options. However, now you can with Gyutaro Yakiniku! All you need to do is to prepare an electric bbq grill and the BBQ items are settled for you.

With little to no mess, you can barbeque from home by ordering one day in advance and cravings will be fixed for you!

When it comes to the ingredients given, Gyutaro Yakiniku insists on fresh cuts of meat and vacuum packed upon receiving order so you’ll be having the best Yakiniku BBQ freshness! Sauce and meat are packed separately, of course. How you do it is just pour the marinade sauce into meat packaging, mix well and grill. Finally, eat to your heart’s content! 

With every protein ordered, it comes together with the marinade and dipping sauce when you order for delivery or pick up from https://gyutaroyakiniku.oddle.me/en_MY/

Don’t miss out their cash back until 28 Feb 2021
– Order min RM 1000, 10% cash back for next purchase.
– Order min RM 1500, 15% cash back for next purchase
– Order min RM 2000, 20% cash back for next purchase

T&C applies:

  1. Min spend RM 1000 & entitle to get the coupon code for next purchase
  2. Will share the code within 24 – 48 hours upon the first order has been successful placed order.
  3. Code can be utilised for one redemption only and max RM 200 per order.
  4. Code will be valid for two months starting from the date issued.
  5. Code will be void and cannot be redeemed after the expiry date, Any unused balance on expiry will not be refunded/credited. or refer the t&c at https://bit.ly/2KC7zha

Some of the ala carte thing you can order when planning for an epic bbq party is this; 

  1. Australian Wagyu Short Ribs (MB8+) 
  2. Black Angus Prime Ribeye 
  3. Wagyu Misuji 
  4. Salmon Fillet 
  5. Kimchi 
  6. Crunchy Garlic 

In case you’re confused on how to go about it, you are provided with cooking instructions to make sure you have the best eating BBQ experience with your loved ones. Here are additional tips for you in ways to eat them so you maximize the Yakiniku adventure! 

  1. Grilled and eat it like normal. You can dip with the dipping sauce 
  2. Next you can wrap the grilled meat in lettuce and put some kimchi on with dipping sauce and eat 
  3. Put the grilled meat on top of the rice, add some crunchy garlic, dipping sauce and eat. 

Gyutaro Yakiniku always provides the best BBQ for you from home. If you’re looking to dine-in you can head on over to:

Facebook: Gyutaro Yakiniku

Online Order: https://gyutaroyakiniku.oddle.me/en_MY/

Address: A2-UG1-1, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

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