Add Some Sparks To Your Life with F&N Drinks Today!

written by Natasha Christopher

F&N drinks have very well walked into our lives for many, many years and have provided pure enjoyment and pure goodness to lots of households. It has established itself as an innovative and trusted leader in the beverage industry for over 138 years! That’s pretty impressive! Their drinks have always been bold, vibrant and flavour-packed that has never been a letdown for any kind of occasion.

F&N has now introduced a whole new game changer beverage that is sure to be a favorite for people of many ages. Enjoy the all NEW sensation of F&N Sparkling, offering an unexpected burst of refreshment with unconventional flavours – Sparkling Honey Lemon, Apple Barley, and Espresso.

F&N Sparkling Honey Lemon 

Giving the basic honey lemon an additional spark by elevating it with the ultimate sparkling sensation. This citrusty drink packs a punch and is certainly cooling for you on a hot, sunny day. Filled with the goodness of honey and lemon, you know you got yourself the perfect companion! 

F&N Sparkling Espresso

This Espresso flavoured F&N Sparkling drink is a unique and out-of-the-box flavour that has come out of F&N. It’s not what you expected, but everything you want.

F&N Sparkling Apple Barley 

The perfect match of apple and barley gives a malty and refreshing taste to this. As the apple flavour is sweet in its own way and the barley has slightly nutty taste, it’s just the perfect drink combined into one that will resonate with many people. 

Hurry up! Grab yours now from the nearest 7-Eleven* and convenience stores!

*Only in Peninsular Malaysia

You can also get all three unique soda-licious flavours in their Limited Edition F&N Sparkling Gift Box at only RM9.90 from F&N Life, Shopee or Lazada now!

What’s in the box? 

  • 1 bottle of F&N Sparkling Honey Lemon PET 350ml 
  • 1 bottle of F&N Sparkling Espresso PET 350ml 
  • 1 bottle of F&N Sparkling Apple Barley PET 350ml  

What are you waiting for?? Spark your day with all 3 flavours today!


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