A Guide to Gangwon Cities That You Should Be Visiting!

written by Natasha Christopher

The Land of the Morning Calm perfectly exemplifies Korea as a wonder of its own. From its stunning nature view, soothing famous Korean food, captivating tourist destination that is a must! Most of you must be wondering there are just way too many things to see in Korea so which is the best time and spots? Endless Horizon has got you covered! 

Winter season in Korea is probably one of the most famous times to visit this beautiful place. Super fun and exciting places to travel around that you will instantly fall in love with. There are beautiful places in Korea that everyone should seriously pay a visit to, especially in the city of Gangwon. Explore authentic street food in Seoul, Korea, visit internationally renowned sporting places and snow expeditions in PyeongChang and don’t forget the capital city of where KPop idols are being recognized in Gangneung!

Each of these places has different excitement, depending on what you love to do during travelling. Check out the videos to find out which is your preferred Korea destination! Don’t forget to watch all 5 episodes and complete the quiz – https://cutt.ly/0hYuOrs to win yourself limited edition prizes!

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1. Seoul, Korea 

The heart of Korea, Seoul truly offers some of the best food and historical places you can eat and learn from! 

Must Eat: 

This place called BukChon Cco Cco Ro, is famous for their Samgyetang, a Korea Gingseng Chicken Soup that is believed to restore your energy and the comforting hot soup makes it perfect for the cold winter weather Korea has. Plus, you can enjoy this delicious meal all year long! 

Places to Visit: 

Gyeongbokgung Palace is the first and largest of the royal palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty (Year 1395) where it’s a place where the emperors perform their duties. You get to understand their culture, and history more through the architectural buildings, carvings and sculpture around the building. 

The course of the GangnamDol – K Star Roads is where stars are made. Enter into their GangnamDol Haus and see your favourite stars moulded into a doll for you to bring back home! Along the K Star Roads, you get to witness statues being places along the streets. Each status is uniquely designed so make sure to snap a picture with it! 

SM Town Museum is a must go place for K Pop Star followers and fans. The SM Town is a building full of music album, potraits of K-POP artist, their fashion, posters and anything that capture the artist individuality. 

MyeongDong is a must see for tourist as it’s the shopping mecca of Seoul. There’s a variety to see and shop such as cosmetic products, street food, high fashion, casual attire, gadgets and many more. 

2. Gangneung

A place where International tournaments are being held, the freshest food ingredients and cooling beaches all rolled into one. 

Must Wear: 

Traditional Hanbok 

Places to Visit: 

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games are famously held here and ever since then, this place is a must visit and is popular among tourist. In Gangneung, they hosted many events of the 2018 Winter Olympics including figure and speed skating, ice hockey and curling. 

If you’re looking for a place that produce some of the freshest, healthy and organic vegetable then you should head to Seojichogateul farm! You must also try Hanjeongsik – a full-course meal consisting of the finest Korean delicacies alongside savory side dishes. Another must visit is the Heo Gyun and Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Park where this is a brother and sister who were among the famous authors in Joseon Dynasty. This park is basically their house where they were born and lived in. 

Ambok Beach, also known as anmok coffee street where it is often seen packed with families on vacation. You can even see fishermen catching up fresh seaweed, octopus, fishes and many more. Of course, don’t forget to try their coffees around the area. 

Experience the Gangol Hangwa Village where it preserves and educates people about the traditional Korean cookies, or better known as Hangwa. It is still produced in a traditional way of handmade passed down for six generations instead of mass productions and machineries. 

Jumunjin Seafood Market was founded in 1936 and is situated in Gangneung next to Jumunjin Port, home to a large fleet of squid boats. It is the largest seafood market on the East Coast. 

What’s better known as a popular sunrise spot, Jeongdongjin Beach, attract tons of crowd to witness the beautiful sunrise with loved ones. This place is a sandy beach that stretches over 250 meters with three major swimming spots. One of the most fascinating things about this place is its accessible anywhere and that include heading to the beach. The Sea Train is known to be one of the stations closest to the ocean in the world. The train connects Jeongdongjin, Donghae and Samcheok and will offer you a great view of the East Sea trembling with beautiful waves. 

Along the Jeongdongjin beach lies Jeongdonjin railbike where you can use electric power railbike which doesn’t use much effort to move it. A great way to enjoy the beach scenery.

Donghae Nongoldamgil is famous as a mural village. Nongoldamgil’s name meaning is basically an alley filled with simple wall paintings based on the story of Mukho. When taking a stroll here, you can see the life of Mukho captivated into the murals.

Chodang Dubu Village is mainly famous for its dubu (tofu). The name of this village, Chodang, originates from the name of a famous family that once lived here known as Chodang-Heoyeop.

Re-enact the famous love scene from the film “Goblin” at Yeongjin Beach and don’t forget to take picture of the famous K-Pop group BTS’ bus stop filming album cover in Hyangho Beach. 

3. PyeongChang 

From adrenaline seeking junkie activities, ranch viewing to winter festivals, this is just half of what PyeongChang will offer you.  

Places to Visit:

Ojukheon House remains as one of the oldest wooden residential buildings in Korea and has been maintain by the descendants throughout the generations. If you’re looking for the horseback riding and horseback trekking in spacious scenery experience, then Daewallyeong Sky Ranch would suit you! Feed the baby farm animals; or simply get inside the fence of the open grassland to feed and take pictures with the farm animals. On top of Daegwallyeong, lies a mountain village called the Uiyaji Wind Village. One can enjoy various types of activities such as making cheese or ice cream as well enjoying the sight of the wind-mills standing high above the plain. 

Besides, The Alpensia Ski Jump Tower has a spectacular snowscape view top. In order to learn more on the food culture and ingredients Koreans are so famous for, you can head on to Jeonggangwon. It’s a establishment that is use to preserve, research, distribute and promote the values and merits of Korean food. 

The PyeongChang Trout Festival takes place during winter and visitors can enjoy programs like ice and lure fishing for trout, snow activities, traditional folk games and more. You can even try out sports such as riding 4-wheel ATV, and sleigh trains. Besides that, any trout caught from the ice fishing can be prepared right away at a nearby restaurant. 

Next place is the HwangTae Deokjang where it is a yellow-coloured dried pollock and its one of the most delicious dishes that one should taste there. Pollock is hung and dried in wooden structures known as deokjang (덕장). After undergoing freezing and unfreezing between day and night, the fish turns somewhat yellowish in color and the texture gets tender.  

When you’re here, don’t miss the chance to go to the Yongpyong Ski Resort. Enjoy a comfortable and scenic three-hour drive to the resort in Gangwon-do. Just gear up, suit up and start skiing. Best activity to do with your loved ones. 

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