LA CREMERIA Berry Merry & Peppermint-Tastic Ice Cream Shake

written by Natasha Christopher

Though this year may be how we planned it to be, ice cream has been a complete cure for most of us. It comforts us when the times get tough and celebrate when we’re feeling happy. With LA CREMERIA Pint Ice Cream Pints by our side, you can add extra magic to your Christmas this year with a variety of ice cream flavours to go! Not one, two or three but SIX delicious flavours to choose from! 

Each ice cream flavour is made with fresh ingredients such as real berries, nuts and chocolates to uphold it’s great quality and taste. That is why when you have one scoop of ice cream, you get the richness of its texture and creaminess that blends very well with the flavours that comes along with it. 

Each of its flavour brings out a depth to its velvety flavours. 

LA CREMERIA Summer Berries Yogurt Ice Cream 

Contains a burst of different berries all in one! Strawberries, Blackberries, Elderberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries are all infused to create a refreshing flavours, with a balance of sweet and sour taste! 

LA CREMERIA Almond Pecan Passion Ice Cream 

Feel the nuts in every bite, California Almonds delivers a decadent and luxurious indulgence that keeps you wanting more. It’s an intense blend that would be suited for those who love a bit of an adventure. 

LA CREMERIA Indulgent Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Comes with generous inclusion of crushed crispy roasted peanuts, soft chocolate brownies and peanut butter spreads. It’s for the ones who want to be tickled in their taste buds, be comforted in pleasure and in the mood to indulge. 

LA CREMERIA Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 

This mouth-watering, alluring and cooling ice cream that’s made with perfect balance of mint and chocolate ice cream, fills you with that lush of creaminess seepping through. Let’s not forget the generous chocolate chips that come with it! Yummy! 

LA CREMERIA Vanilla Cashew Delight Ice Cream

A delight in every bite with cashew nuts being crunched and laced with velvety chocolate swirls and chips that will brighten up your day! 

LA CREMERIA Hazelnut Chocolate Fantasy Ice Cream

This is an intense fusion of rich chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream that will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine with every bite. It will be the ultimate temptation for you! 

Did you also know that you can make up lots of amazing drinks with the ice cream itself? We decided to recreate our LA CREMERIA Smoothie

Just 3-4 scoop of ice cream, add in 2-3 cups of milk , blend it all up and serve it on a tall glass. 

To add the Christmas excitement, you can add in a swirl of whipping cream, a dash of crushed candy canes to make it look extra colourful and chocolate sprinkles.

LA CREMERIA by Nestlé Ice Cream always strives to keep you happy even to your doorsteps. Order them now via Lazada or Shopee!

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