The Six Cities in Gangwon You Should Go As It’s A More Clean and Hygienic Area Now For All!

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In this year alone, it has brought us to see a newer perspective in how we live and be conscious to do our part better in a more hygienic and cleaner way. It’s amazing we help one another through reminders for us to always put on a face mask, to wash your hands with soap and to sanitize your body. 

Although we still can’t travel anywhere and are advised to stay at home, we assure you this place we’re about to talk about should be at the top on your list. Gangwon is located on the east side of the Korean peninsula. It is a well-known area for different tourist attractions by season: gorgeous flowers in spring, vibrant beaches in summer, colorful autumn leaves in fall and snowy land in winter. Oh my, it already sounds like a heavenly travel destination! 

For those of you who are wondering, how Gangwon ensures the travelers and visitors are clean is pretty remarkable. The Gangwon city is fully prepared with sanitization equipment and making sure you are protected too. So, you don’t have to overthink when it comes to personal hygiene and whether the places used by many are sanitized or not. Best believe, they got it all covered!

That is why they have recently started an amazing campaign called Clean Gangwon! It is initiated to make sure you travel safely and germ-free. Part of their number one priority is cleanliness and you’ll get to see firsthand on how they are implementing cleanliness in the video. Just watch how thorough they make sure the place is squeaky clean. How amazing is that?! 

Clean Gangwon Passport 

A digital entry log by the Gangwon province to make sure it’s all done through your fingertips and enjoy safe and clean service in Gangwon. This means you don’t need to They take cleanliness and sanitation very, very important as they often do it on an hourly basis to ensure safer travels. 

Right from the start, the process of sanitation begins by the hands, the whole body, even every corner and seats are sanitized regularly. This way, you can travel safely with nothing to worry about. 

Simple and easy steps to this campaign: 

  1. Just install the Clean Gangwon Passport Application 
  2. Measure your body temperature and do self-sanitation 
  3. Get verified by the NFC  or stamp and 
  4. Redeem your E-souvenir and join the event! 
  5. Enjoy the whole Clean Gangwon experience when you travel! 

In keeping up with the cleanliness while you travel, the Gangwon Self Clean Shop is currently designated in tourist attraction areas, hotels, resorts. What they do is to make sure the areas of public places are clean and good to use by others and also sterilizing the interior daily. 

Speaking of places to travel around, there are 6 amazing cities to travel within the province that has some of the best tourist attraction places that is broken down into food, historical places, famous Korean films shooting locations, arts centre and many more. It’s all worth going, no kidding! 

1. Chuncheon 

As you reach Chuncheon station, they will scan your body temperature first, and a must to sanitize your hands.Once you’re visiting Chuncheon, they will make sure public places such as customer service desk, benches, restaurants and even the escalator handle will be thoroughly clean through sanitation and bacteria-free. A mere 60 minutes by train from Seoul, Chuncheon offers a breath-taking experience of delicious food, beautiful views and stunning island. 


When you’re in Chuncheon, you shouldn’t miss out on their Dalgakbi. It’s a grilled chicken BBQ with vegetables in a round hot pan. This is a must have when you’re here. They even have muslim friendly Gangwon food in Nami Island, Chuncheon. Plus, there’s a mix of Korean “soul food” for everyone to enjoy.

Also, do check out the Nangman Market that serves as a central market for Chuncheon local people for a long time. It is mainly famous for its homemade noodles. 


From a refreshing ride experience in Gangchon Rail Bike to taking Insta worthy photos together with beautiful plant species in Gangwon Provincial Botanic Garden and experiencing a wonderful sunset with a view of the whole city in Gubongsan Cafe Street will only leave you gasping in awe the whole time.

Don’t miss out on the Soyanggang Skywalk too! 


A must place to go is also called Nami Island. It’s famous as it’s one of the popular shooting locations for Korea variety shows including Secret Garden , My Love from the Star, Running Man and the 2002 hit drama, Winter Sonata. You get to experience a picturesque nature view too that is a once in a lifetime journey to go for! 

2. Gangneung

The moment you arrive in Chuncheon, it’s a must for them to scan your temperature and make sure your hands are sanitized as well when you arrive. As you can see in the video, they sanitize the famous visitor attraction places from the famous BTS bus stop, to the table, chairs of the resorts and train, and railings. 

Travel to Gangneung from Seoul via KTX takes a total of 90 minutes and you’ll be walking into the sea and beach paradise to relax. Plus, it’s a famous place for many shooting locations and album covers. Besides that, it’s also a place for the coffee enthusiasts, art lovers, and sports centre! 

Sea view 

Re-enact the famous love scene from the film “Goblin” in Yeongjin Beach, take a picture with the famous BTS bus stop filming album cover in Hyangho Beach, and check out the beach which was nominated as the best ocean view spot and popular for surfers in Cheongsihaeng Beach. 

Photo credit: jumunjin

Coffee and Desserts 

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee and desserts with a pristine view of the ocean in Anmok Coffee Street, soft tofu made with the seawater from the East Sea with savoury flavours that is a must and a hearty bowl of ramyeon that is filled with seafood for a heavy lunch!

History and Arts 

Ojukheon is famous for being an atmospheric place with a rich history of Korea. It’s well known for belongin to a house of Korean banknote models who are mother and son. Aside from that, Ojuk Hanok Village offers a great traditional experience by the royal Hanbok wearing and learning Korean calligraphy here. As for arts, the Gangneung Hassla Art World is a healing art space that is equipped with an art gallery, museums and sculpture park. 

3. Jeongson 

The performing arts theater, whole market, tables that people use are being cleaned by professionals and making sure you never have to feel paranoid and have the happiest and cleanest travel experience to Jeongson. The hometown of Arirang, Jeongson, this place boasts its village storytelling, food, performing arts center and the cozy place of stay. 


The Arari Village recreates the housing culture scene back in the Joseon era. In there, you get to play their traditional games and sit by the water wheel for relaxing vibes with your loved ones. 

Performing arts 

Arirang Centre is another place for those looking to immerse themselves with traditional Korean performing arts which showcase every 5 days market all year round. Learn about the culture during the Joseon era and how wonderful their attire is! 

Place of stay and food 

Be filled with delicious local food and kind people in Jeongson Arirang Market. A place to explore fit for a foodie! Then, stay at the comfortable Park Roche Resort where it’s clean and sanitized every day! Plus, enjoy the spectacular view and relaxation nature of the resort. 

4. Sokcho Yangyang 

As you touch down in Yangyang International Airport, remember to wear a face mask and a staff member will bring a hand sanitizer for you to use, as well as keep the facilities clean too! It’s amazing how much effort they are into this to make sure you travel safe. 

A place of wonderful scenic mountains, historic temples, fresh food market and surf beaches, Sokcho Yangyang is one of the truly spectacular places to be at. 


Needless to say Mount Seorakksan boasts a variety of colorful flowers in spring, refreshing clear water streams in summer and scenic snow covered landscape in winter. Pay a visit to the Red Lighthouse in Dongmyeonghang harbour as it’s the most photogenic spot in town. Perfect Insta-worthy shots 

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Historic temples 

Naksansa temple is Korea’s nesting place for Guanyin and the visitor can experience various temples stay programs too overlooking the great sea view.


Delve into the Yangyang Surfyy Beach which is the first beach exclusively for surfs. During summer, the entire beach becomes a big party with hipster music and street performances too! Or take a romantic stroll along to Yangyang Naksan beach where it promises a relaxing vibe with your partner.

5. Wonju

Face mask on, scan body temperature checked, hand sanitizer already been applied and you’re good to go! Clean Wonju is certainly clean! Every corner of the place it’s being sanitized to the highest level! 

Travel an hour and half from Seoul station to Manjong station and you’ll be immersed in the Korean culture of the dynasty houses to adventurous suspension bridges to their art market. Check out Wonju and their wonderful places in this video.

Historic places 

Go to Gangwon Gamyeong museum where it’s an old government facility area where the Gangwon Province governor performed various official tasks. Their story behind their historical background and building structure is what makes this a tourist attraction. 


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내 인생 두 번째 출렁다리🧗🏻‍♀️🎢⛰ 나무계단으로 되어있는 코스를 야무지게 올라가면 이렇게 멋진 풍경이 ㄸㅏ악,,✨ 행복 ㄸ ㅏ악,,,✨✨ 체력 쓰레기라 올라가면서 두번다시 산행은 없다고 다짐했는데 막상 와보니 좋네~~!!~!!~!~! 하지만 힘든건 힘든것~!!!~!~!~!

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Take spine-chilling walk along the Sogeumsan Mountain suspension bridge which is hail as the longest pedestrian bridge in Korea. Make sure you snapshot while you’re walking on the rocking bridge of the luscious nature background too! 


You can find tons of art and crafts things here at the Wonju Hiro Art Market. The area is so big you’ll probably find it hard to come out but also because it’s too damn interesting that you want to try it all. 

6. Pyeongchang 

Similarly to other beautiful cities in Gangwon, Pyeongchang is no stranger to keeping things sanitized and clean too! Cable cars, railings, benches, food stores and other places are also kept intact to ensure a safer environment for all. Since it’s a global destination, priority towards cleanliness is important. 

This town of Pyeongchang is famous for hosting the 2018 Winter Olympic Games that you can only expect tons of adventure filled things to do here. If you’re a person that loves to walk a lot while exploring new amazing places then Pyeongchang should be on your list. 


Woljeongsa temple is a thousand years old big temple in the lush forest. Although you’ll be walking here alot, the temple bells that’re being rang here only puts you in a zen mode. Experience the tall trees towering over the temple that is a perfect place to stroll and take scenic pictures. 


When you first walk here, you’ll think you’re in New Zealand but Pyeongchang Sky Ranch offers a beautiful view while petting the cattle and sheep’s. Most definitely, the perfect place to unwind with nature. 


Experience winter ski resorts such as Alpensia Resort that has been designed as a composite tourist complex for all seasons. You’re even equipped with an excellent place to stay experience. Make sure you go on their Mountain cable car, worth the thrill of the ride! 

There you have it! What more can you want from a travel experience especially in dire times like this. This only goes to show that clean and safe places make happy tourists! Remember to hashtag #Gangwonstagram. 

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