The Famous Salman Nasi Kandar Has Now Expanded Its Space

written by Natasha Christopher

One of Malaysian’s guilty pleasures in life is lining up for the best nasi kandar. Even if it takes them 2 hours to queue up under the hot sun to get a dose of their favourite rice, you know they’ll brace through it, rain or shine. Well, Salman Nasi Kandar is a product of that except this time they have expanded from a roadside stall to a restaurant that can feed more customers. It provides each and everyone who visits there a bigger, better and a more comfortable space for you and your close ones to have a great eating experience. 

Starting from RM6, you can get yourself an awesome plate of their Nasi Kandar with 5 different kuahs or gravy. Here are some selections; Kuah Ikan Kari, Kuah Kari Daging, Kuah Pedas, Kuah Hitam Biasa, and Kuah Hitam Daging. Their flavourful and kaw kaw thick homemade curries has been one of the defining reason as to why customers keep coming back for more. Plus, you can add on side dishes priced at RM 1 each. Their sides dishes include lady fingers, salted egg, boiled egg, vegetables and green chillies. Oh, make sure you try their delicious and juicy fried chicken too! One of their best sellers as well. 

Salman Nasi Kandar is normally packed with people during lunch and dinner hour. Now with the expansion of space, expect more people to show up too! Once you’ve had a taste of the nasi kandar here, you’ll feel the wait was worth it! So do come early to get your fix!

For more information, kindly refer to:

FacebookSalman Nasi Kandar

Operation Hours:

Friday Closed

Monday – Sunday  1100 – 2100 (Restaurant may close early if dishes are sold out)

Location:  LOT 6741E, Jalan Tropika 5, Kampung Sungai Tangkas, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

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