Thai Fruit Extravaganza Is Happening Now Till 16 Aug In Selected Aeon Outlets!

Sawadeekap! Our neighbouring country, Thailand is among the world’s best locations to grow all kind of tropical fruits. The vibrant colours and shapes of these exotic fruits will attract your attention, not only it’s healthy, delicious and affordable, it’s also a great way to rehydrate. From the Queen of Fruits, Mangosteen, to a wide variety of delicious fruits such as longans, lychees, and special mango varieties, these fleshy fruits are rich in nutrients yet affordable, making them local favourites.

Don’t miss out this Thai Fruit Extravaganza happening in selected AEON outlets from now till 16 August! Apart from a range of fresh fruits available, you can also get FREE tasting from the samplings prepared. Rest assured, it’s all fresh, sweet and oh-so juicy!! Be sure you save the date and location below:

  • AEON Mid Valley, 6 July – 12 July 
  • AEON Metro Prima, 20 July – 26 July 
  • AEON Bukit Tinggi, 27 July – 2 Aug 
  • AEON Bandar Puchong, 3 Aug – 9 Aug 
  • AEON AU2, 3 Aug – 9 Aug 
  • AEON Taman Equine, 10 Aug – 16 Aug

Selected fruits may make an appearance, including:

Mango varieties:

Mango Chokanan (On the left) & Mango Falan (On the right)

Golden Pheonix Mango

Red R2E2 Mango

Golden Waterlily Mango, Mango Gold Rainbow & Mango Gold Lily


Seedless Guava


Aside from sampling and purchasing fresh fruits, you can also stand a chance to win AEON Gift Vouchers by participating their lucky!

How to Participate?

Just purchase fruits from Nature Co’s Kiosks at AEON to earn an entry for the lucky draw!


 [ Step 1 ] : Purchase fruits from Nature Co’s Kiosks. Keep the receipt as proof of purchase.

 [ Step 2 ] : Take a picture of the fruits, and upload it onto the Lucky Draw post’s comment section.

 [ Step 3 ] : Describe the fruits in 3 words with the hashtags  #AEON #ThaifruitExtravaganza2020 #natureco.

 [ Step 4 ] : If your entry is drawn, redeem your prize with your receipt.

#ThaiFruitExtravaganzaMalaysia2020 #natureco @AEONRetailMalaysia

For more information, please visit:

Facebook: AEON Retail Malaysia

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