Creative Yet Addictive Milo Ice Cream With Just 3 Ingredients

Everyone now has a hidden talent or pick up a new skill during MCO. It seems like cooking is part of everyday’s routine. You probably have tried baking, cooking vegetables, fish, chicken but how about making ice cream? Sound interesting right? Andies Teh has recently shared his Milo Ice Cream recipe on Facebook which has gained a lot of interest!

All you need is 3 ingredients to make this creative yet addictive Milo Ice Cream and it will only takes you 15 minutes to complete!

Step 1:

Prepare 3 simple ingredients as below.

**Whipping cream needs to be cold/chill before whip, as room-temperature cream is unable to get fine texture.

Source: Andies Teh

Step 2:

Measure accordingly and put it into small bowls

Source: Andies Teh

Step 3:

Pour whipping cream into a bowl. Use egg whisk to whip the whipping cream in the same direction with high speed until it’s creamy and airy.

Source: Andies Teh

Step 4:

Add in milo powder and condensed milk then stir well. 

Source: Andies Teh

Step 5:

Put it into freezer for 4 hours and Ta -dah! You are done!!

It sounds as simple as it is. This rich, icy treat is a great one not only for your kids but whole family especially during this hot weather.

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