Tealive’s NEW Coco ‘N Cookies Softea! When Milk Tea Turns into Ice Cream!

Tealive launches Two Softea Ice Creams Coco ‘N Cookies Softea Ice Cream! Sprinkled with Oreo cookie pieces, you can enjoy this rich coco soft serve with chocolate lava or charcoal cone!

credit: tealivesandakanprimasquare

Coco Soft Serve w Oreo Cookies in Charcoal Cone (RM4.50) uses a bamboo charcoal cone and the outer layer of the ice cream is covered with crushed Oreo biscuits. Each bite is super delicious ~

credit: tealivesandakanprimasquare
credit: tealivesandakanprimasquare

Coco Soft Serve w Chocolate Lava & Oreo Cookies (RM5.90) is topped with Chocolate Lava chocolate sauce, full of cocoa flavor!

This Coco ‘N Cookies Softea ice cream is only at selected outlets. Click here for a full outlet list. Let’s Jio your friends to try Tealive’s NEW Coco ‘N Cookies Softea today!

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