Enjoy Oyoshi Newest Green Tea Drinks: Oyoshi Gold No Sugar Kabusecha and Sencha

Lovers of healthy No Sugar Japanese green tea, rejoice! Oyoshi Gold now has two new delicious additions: Kabusecha and Sencha.

Both 380ml Green tea drinks are sugar-freebrewed with 100% Imported Authentic Japanese Green Tea leaves from Makinohara Plateau, Japan (The Largest Japanese Tea Producer Prefecture), which means you can indulge in a luxurious yet health-conscious Oyoshi Gold drinks anytime!

Makinohara Plateau is known as the largest Japanese Tea Producer Prefecture in Shizuoka, Japan; Oyoshi Gold Tea Leaves are authentic and uniquely harvested. This has been the tradition for more than 100 years. (Winner of Emperor’s Cup Award )

Kabusecha – These top tea leaves from Matsuda Tea Plantation in Japan are covered in black mesh away from direct sunlight for a week, which locks in the goodness of catechin. When harvested and brewed, the Kabusecha tea releases a most fragrant aroma and a smooth taste.

Sencha – As Japan’s representative green tea, Sencha made from young tea leaf shoots. When ground into creamy Matcha powder and then combined with Matcha, this signature full-flavoured and delicate aromatic tea will enhance your drinking pleasure.

With 100% Imported Authentic Japanese Tea Leaves committed to the Royal standard of Beyond Delicious, you can be assured these high-quality Oyoshi Gold Kabusecha and Sencha Green Teas will taste rejuvenating and soothing.

Hurry and try the latest Oyoshi Gold No Sugar Kabusecha and Sencha now! You can grab them from your nearest convenience stores or Petrol Kiosk!

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