Addictive MALA Fish ‘N Chips!

You can have numbingly hot Mala hotpot or Mala chickens but why not some Mala pasta or Mala Fish ‘N Chips? If you and your friends are addicted to Mala, always looking for Mala food to fix your cravings or getting bored of Chinese Mala dishes, this western Mala is the talk of the town.

Come on down to The Manhattan FISH MARKET and get your hands on their NEW and ADDICTIVE Mala dishes. If you are feeling a little adventurous, give their numbingly hot & irresistible Mala Fish ‘N Chips (RM26 nett) a try. Crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside, you will feel spicy at the first few bites but the spiciness is super addictive and shiok that keeps you crave for more!

Not into Mala Fish ’N Chips? How about some Mala Seafood Pasta (RM30nett) or Mala Mushroom Pasta (RM24nett). Both are available in Aglio Olio or Creamy cooking style, accompanied with peanuts and chilis. Be it Aglio Mala or Creamy Mala, both are packed with heat, making every bite an explosion of flavours. Best part is, every order of their NEW Mala launch comes with a FREE Mocktail to wash it all down! So you could enjoy without breaking a sweat!

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