Simmering, Wholesome Goodness In a Korean-style HotPot

Hungry for a hotpot full of flavourful, simmering goodness? Then head over to Seoul Garden HotPot where you will find a hotpot that’s right for everyone. Not to be mistaken with the equally amazing Seoul Garden HotPot where you share it with your loved ones, here you get your ultimate indulgence with your own individual serving.

There are two different kinds of hotpot to choose from: Soon Dubu HotPot or Duyu HotPot. All hotpots come with the staple ingredients of tofu, noodles, cucumber, egg and enokitake. The extra ingredients that are served depends on the type of hotpot you pick.

Soon Dubu HotPot

For those that love that extra spice in life, we can turn up the heat with the spicy Soon Dubu HotPot. Made with authentic Korean ingredients, a spoonful of this drool-worthy hotpot will make you feel like you’ve been transported straight to Korea. If you ever felt like doing a Korean spicy eating challenge with your friends, this will be perfect. Choose your spicy level from regular, spicy or extra spicy and its game on!

Duyu HotPot

When it comes to beauty and well-being, we trust the Koreans to get it right! For those on a strict health and skin regime, you don’t have to hold back anymore because the Duyu HotPot is just for you! The delicious soy broth is high in protein and rich in antioxidant giving you that extra glow for a healthier looking skin. Indulgence has never felt and looked this good.

All Soon Dubu and Duyu HotPot comes in 4 scrumptious versions:

  • Seafood HotPot
  • Marinated Chicken HotPot
  • Marinated Beef HotPot
  • Basic HotPot

Where else can you find such Seoul-fully delightful meals at affordable prices? Don’t wait any longer, because with every purchase of a hotpot at Seoul Garden HotPot now, you will get a free serving of Salmon Belly worth RM14.90.

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