90s to a Quick and Complete Meal

It’s 12 noon. You’re bursting with pride that you’ve completed an amazing proposal, and you’re ready to tear down the meeting room. Not a hair out of place, it is time to pack up and leave for the meeting.

Huh? What’s that noise? Oh no! You were working so hard you forgot to eat, now your stomach is growling with MAJOR disapproval and it’s not letting up unless you feed it NOW… BUT you have no time! What do you do?

Go grab a Kart’s Quick Meal To Go at your nearest 7-11 store. #KartsQuickMealToGo by @KartFoodMalaysia

Kart’s Quick Meal To Go is an easy, no fuss meal that cooks in 60 – 90 seconds. YES! 90 SECONDS for rice, 60 SECONDS for dessert! Quick, convenient and absolutely delicious. It’s #QuicknEasywithKartFood.

There are 6 satisfying options to choose from; Asam Tumis Beef, Nyonya Chicken Curry and for the non-meat eaters there is the Non-Meat Mutton Curry (served with fragrant white rice) and the Nasi Lemak with Non-Meat Squid at only RM6.50 a serving. Top it all off with Red Bean with Wheat Dessert or Green Bean with Wheat Dessert for a sweet treat to complete your meal!

And since it’s so fast and convenient, why not have dessert too? This is the best time to try it especially with the 7-Eleven ‘Jom Makan and Minum’ campaign where you can get either the Red Bean with Wheat Dessert or Green Bean with Wheat Dessert at a promo price of RM5.20 only. This promo price will only be available between 27th Jan till 23rd Feb 2020 at all 7-Eleven stores.

P/S: Mark your dates between 24 February to 19 April 2020 because 7 ELEVEN will be having a new promotion for all of Kart’s Quick Meal To Go rice range (RM5.90 only)!

There you go – a fulfilling and comforting meal with dessert in just 90 seconds. Not a dent in your wallet, your hair still in place and you’re ready to kill that meeting. Trust us, your stomach will thank you for it.

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