Kambing Bakar and Giant Sotong in Shah Alam

The aroma of kambing bakar hits you just before you enter the restaurant. That’s when you know you’ve got the right place for hot flaming lamb. Kambing Bakar Kontena is located in Shah Alam. They are well-known for their kambing bakar, ayam penyet cheese, giant ice bucket and more.

Here’s a tip from Foodiver:

Make sure you go there on your cheat day. This is no place for anyone on a diet!

Be sure to beat the crowd as they are popular during lunch and dinner time.

The Kambing Bakar is their speciality for many reasons:

#1 Well-marinated

#2 Lamb is soft and tender

#3 Highly aromatic thanks to the flaming hot pan

#4 The sauces

#5 The price

Certain cuts of lamb are naturally tougher because of its muscle fibre but if you cook it well and long enough, it makes it tender. The cooks here got the cooking duration right! Simmered in broth for hours, the meat is tender and flavourful. We like how it’s placed on a flaming hot pan to break it down further and to give the sautéed lamb a slight char and smoky aroma to it.

Do you like it spicy or do you like it sweet?

If spicy, opt for the black pepper sauce (RM 14.90). This homemade sauce has the right consistency and the right amount of heat to spice up the kambing bakar. For a sweeter option, go for the honey sauce (RM 16.90). Take a spoonful of kambing bakar with honey trickling down, mix it with some rice and voila! It’s a bite full savoury and sweet flavours. All sets come with rice and soup.

The Nasi Sotong Giant (RM 14.90) is HUMONGOUS. We couldn’t believe our eyes when it was served to us! It is larger than our palms combined! It’s breaded with their secret batter and then deep fried. At every bite, the crispy outer layer breaks away to reveal the fleshy parts of the succulent sotong.

Another speciality is the Ayam Penyet Cheese(RM12.90). Topped with loads of melted mozzarella cheese on deep-fried chicken, it was hard for us to pull away from this dish!

After all these savoury meals, treat yourself to their signature desserts as well. If you like something light and fruity, there is the Mango Rock and Dragonfruit Rock. The colours are so bright and cheerful!

If you’re a CHOC-a-holic, the Ice Bucket Chocolate will win your heart (or your stomach!). Filled with shaved ice, and EVERYTHING chocolate: Chipsmore, chocolate cookies and wafer with chocolate ice-cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and other chocolatey flavours. We love this dessert a CHOCO-LOT!

For more information, please visit:

Facebook:  Kambing Bakar Kontena

Operation Hours:

Monday Closed

Tuesday – Sunday  1100 – 2300

Location: No.1-GF, Seria 88 Business Centre, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor

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