McDonald’s Newly Launched Fish Prosperity Burger & Desserts For A Limited Time Only!

McDonald’s has launched a new delicious burger that you should never miss! Introduce you the all new Fish Prosperity Burger! By adding a new option in McDonald’s Prosperity Burgers, you can now have beef, chicken and fish! Yeah!


McDonald’s Prosperity Burgers have been with us for years already and this new Fish Prosperity Burger is a must try for fish lovers. A delightfully crispy fish patty dipped in signature black pepper sauce, topped with fresh onions in between a warm sesame bun and complete it with Golden Twister Fries or Spicy Twister McShaker and Refreshing Prosperity McFIZZ. This delicious burger will truly leave your tummy satisfied!

End your meal with their new Butterscotch Cookies McFlurry. It is topped with butterscotch cookies and swirls of chocolate for a combination of sweetness and rich buttery goodness! With actual cookies in it, every bite is so satisfying that you couldn’t even stop! Besides that, strawberry dessert is back! A variety of strawberry goodness is now available at the counter. You can go for the cone – Strawberry Choco Dip, Strawberry and Strawberry Vanilla or Strawberry Sundae & Chocolate or Double Strawberry Sundae. Whether you like strawberry with vanilla or strawberry with sweet chocolate or even plain strawberry only, they got you covered!

Don’t miss out Taro Pie that filled with chucks of sweet taro inside a crispy pie shell. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this is the ultimate satisfaction.

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