A Tribute to Mom’s Pineapple Tart by Baker Dave

Good things are meant to be shared.

That is the core belief of Baker Dave. He did us all a favour by making his mother’s pineapple tarts available for purchase because he knew that they were too good to be kept under one household.

These pineapple tarts which are made using his mother’s secret recipe and now handed down to the second generation of the family are named after the creator, Swee Bee. Whilst growing up, Baker Dave thoroughly enjoyed these delicious tarts that were handmade from scratch, filled with mom’s warmth and care. And now, by recreating these pineapple tarts, he can relive the sweet memories of his childhood through his mother’s favourite treats.

We’ve seen pineapple tarts in various shapes – the most common types are the round open-faced tarts or the pastry wrapped-around pineapple fillings. Swee Bee’s pineapple tarts are unique because of its square shape. In Chinese culture, the square represents an accumulation of wealth that is well-balanced, stable and safe. The tarts are embossed with the ‘Fook’ sign (Fortune). These tarts aren’t just pastries. They symbolize wealth. Whether you’re giving or receiving, Baker Dave wishes that all us will be blessed to attain good fortune too.

It is love at first sight as you are completely enthralled by the pastry’s golden sheen. Baker Dave advises that the best way to have these tarts is to break it into half and share it with your family and friends. (We secretly admit that we prefer the whole pastry to ourselves though!) As it is broken into half, the buttery pastry crumbles a little, but the pineapple centre holds the entire tart together. The filling is heavenly! It is soft but firm. There’s a tinge of sweetness from the caramelized pineapple with a hint of cloves and cinnamon. Made with no additives or chemically derived ingredients, we are assured that Swee Bee’s pineapple tarts are fresh and of high quality.

Pineapples tarts are popular snacks served and given during the Chinese New Year. Do consider these pineapple tarts for other celebrations and happy occasions too. They make perfect gifts for weddings or dinner invitations. They are also very suitable to given out as door gifts or corporate gifts. We are sure that recipients will be delighted by these delectable treats!

The price of Swee Bee by Baker Dave’s pineapple tarts starts from RM 28.

Big Box (16 pcs)

1 box RM 48

3 boxed RM 130 (Promo price is available during CNY only)

Small box (8 pcs)

1 box RM 28

5 boxes RM 130 (Promo price is available during CNY only)

Indeed, good things are meant to be shared and we believe we’ve done our part too!

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