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When it comes to sweet and fragrant bak kwa, what comes in your mind? Wing Heong BBQ Meat of course! It was first started off in Jalan Imbi, one of the oldest brands that produce lip-smacking bak kwa with their family recipe sauce. After good solid 48 years, it is still standing strong in the market. With their expansion of outlets throughout Peninsular Malaysia which can be found in Imbi, Cheras, Kepong, Penang and more, you know how good it already is!

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Log on to and stand a chance to bring home a CNY gift from Wing Heong

Wing Heong BBQ Meat is indeed well-loved by the consumers, you can easily spot crazy long queues in every outlet just for their tasty bak kwa! They only use fresh first grade meat that has never been frozen. A unique taste that can only be created by smoking their bakkwa over a bamboo mesh and produced by grilling every handcrafted slice with their family recipe sauce. The methods and recipe have remained unchanged for over centuries. Bak kwa is vacuumed sealed to retain the freshness and fragrance of these slightly charred, grilled meat. And the moment you unseal the packet and glide out a piece of this sticky and glistening bak kwa, you can immediately sniff its smokey aroma. Sink your teeth into this sweet-umami tasting fresh pork. It was so good and dangerously addictive!

Skip the line and grab their Chinese New Year Gift Set online now! This adorable red box is inclusive of

  • Wing Heong BBQ Sliced Pork
  • Wing Heong BBQ Minced Pork
  • Wing Heong BBQ Honey Bacon
  • Wing Heong Crispy Pork Floss
  • Wing Heong Crispy Chicken Floss
  • Angpao Packets.

Price starts from RM180, available in 2 different sizes – 300g and 500g. Avoid the hassle of long lines and the CNY crowd. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing Wing Heong BBQ Meat’s Chinese New Year Gift Set online. Spend a minimum of RM150 and get free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia, while flat delivery rate is applied for West Malaysia.

So what you are you waiting for? Be CNY ready and get your Wing Heong BBQ Meat ‘s bak kwa now!

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