If you love beef, this is one of the best beef hideout in Desa Sri Hartamas. Hidden on the first floor, the only clue to where it’s located is a golden bull’s head as its signboard. If not, look out for Guardian Pharmacy.

The dining setting gives its diners plenty of privacy as only 22 private rooms are available. Each room can seat 2 to 20 patrons. A splendid arrangement for celebrations and intimate dining.

Wagyu has been making their way to our plates and palates for some time now. If you’re a superfan of this melt-in-your-mouth marbled meat, you’re in for a wagyu feast at Kin Gyu.

With close to 100 wagyu dishes, the different preparations bring the best out of this exclusive cut. All beef is imported from Japan. No matter what style of preparation you desire – steak or stew, hamburgers or sliders, beef sashimi or beef sushi, hotpot or hot lava stone, you are assured on good quality meat being served here.

Here are some of the MUST trys in Kin Gyu.

Suki Yaki Hot Pot

Ideal for 2 to 3 pax, this Suki Yaki Hot Pot is a hit! First, sliced leek and thinly sliced napa cabbage is placed at the bottom of the hot pot, as if a pedestal awaiting the main feature – wagyu. Slices of wagyu are placed centre stage before the sweet Suki Yaki broth is poured all over. You can also add other sides like shitake, tofu, and udon to add on to the flavour and texture of this dish. Once the wagyu is cooked to your liking (if you like it slightly pink, remove the meat earlier), scoop the piping hot meat out and dip it into the raw egg immediately.

The entire composition just tantalizes your taste buds from the creaminess of the egg, and the meat breaking down gently with every bite, to the bursts of sweet-salty-umami flavours from the broth.

Wagyu Beef Soup Rice

Soup and rice. Sounds like yesterday’s leftover or mother’s home cooked food. Don’t let the name of the dish fool you. What may sound simple has some degree of complexities in its ingredients and techniques. Charcoal grilled wagyu beef topped on rice, then scooped into a bowl of soup stock made out of bonito and mackerel flakes and dried sardine. Garnished with spring onion, sesame seeds and seaweed, this raises the bar on comfort food. Every spoonful makes you eager for the next mouthful. We found ourselves tilting the clay pot and making sure every grain of rice, and every drop of liquid are not left behind. A lip-smacking dish; perfect on a cool, rainy night.

Grilled Dishes 

To sample the true taste of beef, grilled meat is also available by weight. Depending on what you’re craving for, you can pick your preferred cut – Premium Sirloin, Premium Ribeye, Wagyu, Beef Tongue and more. It is sliced and weighed in your presence, then brought back to the kitchen to be partially cooked. The meat is then served to you on hot lava stones from Mount Fuji. You can cook the beef to your preferred doneness. To enhance the flavour of the steak, select three types of seasoning of salt and spices ranging from truffle salt to red perilla.

Wagyu Carpaccio

A refreshing, zesty favourite. A fusion of sliced raw lean cut with soy sauce flavoured olive oil, yuzu citrus, green seaweed and kelp.

Wagyu Sushi

Thin slices of wagyu, lightly blow-torched. Eat it instantly so that it melts in your mouth like glorious butter.

Eight kinds of wagyu sushi

And for the fickle-minded, this is for you. Eight different kinds of wagyu sushi to satisfy your curiosity.

For more information, kindly visit:

Facebook: KIN GYU 金牛 -Kuala Lumpur-

Operation Hours:

Monday – Sunday   1730 – 0100

Location: 1st Floor, No.8, Jalan 24/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

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