Popular Croissant Chain From Taiwan Is Now Opened In KLCC!

The birthplace of the croissant is from Austria but excelling in pastries have no boundaries. If the ingredients and the methods of folding and baking croissant results in a crunchy exterior, soft layers in between and tastes buttery yet light, you’ve got yourself a superfan!


What makes Hazukido popular in Taiwan (and now outside Taiwan) is their devotion to craft the perfect pastry. They are a firm believer on the Shokunin spirit of Japan; a practice of outstanding quality. In this case, it is Hazukido’s preference of selecting exceptional quality ingredients and mastering the technique of folding the pastry. After tasting their croissants, we are certain that the founders of Hazukido were definitely passionate about their pastries.


The croissants are freshly baked on-site. Be early as there are limited number of croissants baked daily. There are several MUST try flavours:

Hazelnut Chocolate Croissant – a KLCC exclusive

This honeycomb croissant is generously coated with premium chocolate and hazelnut crunch for added texture.

Strawberry Croissant – Seasonal, only available during the Christmas season

One of our favourites, this is a croissant composition of contrasting flavours and textures. Brimming with vanilla custard, every bite full of this flaky pastry is a symphony of sweetness from the cream, with a tinge of sourness from the strawberry – all enveloped in a honeycomb croissant.

Strawberry Custard – Season, only available during the Christmas season

Filled with a rich and creamy vanilla bean custard and topped with a brightly red, juicy strawberry, this is a Christmas classic that is hard to resist. A sprinkle of snowy-white icing sugar simply complements the entire ensemble.

There are other flavours available and you will find it hard to say no to! From sweet to savoury, they are sure to excite your taste buds:

  • Apple Croissant
  • Cod Ros Croissant
  • Custard Croissant
  • Golden Cheese Croissant
  • Okinawa brown Sugar Warabi Mochi Croissant
  • Honeycomb Croissant
  • Raspberry Panna Cotta Croissant
  • Pumpkin Custard Croissant
  • Salted Egg Yolk Croissant
  • Garlic Croissant

Whether you want to indulge in Hazukido’s croissant all by yourself or share it with your special peeps, just remember to be early when you head down to Hazukido’s latest outlet in KLCC. We hope that you enjoy your croissant as much as we did!

For more information, please visit:

Facebook: 八月堂-馬來西亞 Hazukido Malaysia

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