Sizzling Classic Claypot Dishes in Subang Jaya

If you’re longing for Cantonese-style dishes, the Eight Gourmets Gala in Subang Jaya can satisfy that craving. “啫”(zhē) in Cantonese is pronounced as “J”, the Cantonese way of claypot sizzling cooking method. The JJPot menu has 12 classic claypot dishes. Each dish is cooked in a claypot, over a hot stove upon ordering. What a wonderful way to enjoy piping hot dishes throughout your meal.

Village Oyster Pancake, RM 28

The chef specifically selects fresh and plump oysters so that every bite of it has a juice-filled crunch. The oysters are then mixed in an egg batter and poured into a claypot for it to simmer. Just when the chef unlids the claypot, the aroma of the sea fills the air. We can’t wait to dig it. This the ultimate oyster chow down!

Garlic Steamed Oysters RM 63

Another dish that might trigger all of your senses is the Garlic Steamed Oysters. Four pieces of oysters are served in their shells, topped with chopped garlic and steamed to perfection. The art of enjoying your oysters is to eat it off its shell and slurping the natural juices of the oysters, infused with garlic. It’s extremely addictive!

The Drunken River Prawn with Glass Noodle, RM 58

The Drunken River Prawn with glass noodle is a truly a Cantonese cooking method to showcase the freshness and sweetness of the prawns.  You know they are extremely fresh because the prawns are netted live from the aquarium and into the kitchen. Simmered with rice wine, wolfberries and ginger, the glass noodle is tossed in at the very end. The glass noodle is a wonderful add on because it absorbs the excess gravy enhanced with the essence. Every slurp of noodles and prawns is a medley of varying textures and tastes! That’s just the way we like it!

The Crispy Beancurd Roll, RM 28

For something spicy, the Crispy Beancurd Roll is an interesting one. It is essentially a vegetable curry with a twist. Why? Because you need to dip the beancurd roll in the sauce and let it soak all the curry goodness. The flavours will burst into your mouth with every bite full.  Truly heavenly!

Are you ready to savour the flavours of claypot dishes? If yes, do check out the other classic dishes that JJPot has to offer; from seafood, poultry to vegetarian, they are absolutely appetizing! The price ranges from RM 18 to RM 88.

Father-in-law Sizzling Crab, RM 58

Village Style Sizzling High Fin Patin, RM 88

Mala Chicken Hot Pot, RM 33

Fish Maw in Lo, RM 38

Kangkung in Shrimp Paste, RM 18

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