Natural & Unprocessed Honey that Targets Different Health Benefits

Did you know that honey is a well-known natural remedy? Jungle House is the first honey retailer in Malaysia that serves raw, unprocessed honey. Not only you can get natural wild honey which is collected from honeycombs in jungles but also fruity flavours honey that come from various flower nectar. Guarantee you 100% pure and natural honey.

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A total of 6 variety of honey is available here. Each honey targets different health benefits from energy boost to insomnia fix. You can either order it from counter for instant drink or bring home your favourite jar/bottle of honey to consume everyday. Just mix it with water, milk or tea and ta-dah, you’ve got a healthy & delicious thirst quencher! Be it at home, in office or in gym, this honey is your natural remedy!

Royal White

The signature honey from kiawe flower nectar

  • Benefits: Helps insomnia, relaxes and anti-aging.

Royal Black

Fresh honey from mahoni tree nectar

Benefits: Good for back pain, anti-inflammatory and lowers risk of heart disease

Jungle’s Heart

Fresh honey from strawberry flower nectar

  • Benefits: Eases cough, flu, sore throat, sinus & asthma

Sweet Tooth

Fresh honey from mango flower nectar

  • Benefits: Reduces constipation and promotes healthy gut

Fruit Boss

Fresh Honey from durian flower nectar

  • Benefits: Boosts energy and male fertility

Jungle’s Eye

Fresh honey from longan flower nectar

  • Benefits: Skin complexion, wound healing and antibacterial.

Premium Golden BeeComb is pretty hard to get but fret not, you can grab one in Jungle House. Enjoy this golden sweet honeycomb by spreading it on toast or drizzling it on top of salad or yogurt. You can even scoop and eat it right away! This is absolutely delightful! Can’t wait to get one now? Drop by to your nearest mall!

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