Top 5 MUST Try Kelantanese Restaurants

Kelantanese food is getting common in KL but looking for a good one is pretty tough. We did our homework – check out Foodiver’s 5 MUST TRY Kelantanese restaurants. Bringing you authentic and affordable delights, with some owned by Kelantanese themselves!

1.Warung Wok @ Puchong in a new tab)

Owned by Kelantanese, you must try their Signature Nasi Kukus. Steamed rice, banjired with lots of kuah with some tender ayam kampung madu, available at RM 8.50! Do remember to try out their other delicious dishes too!

image credit – ulric5

2.Nasi Pak Man @ Kota Damansara in a new tab)

Nasi Pak Man is the perfect combo of fried chicken and kuah ayam. There are so many choices of kuah to choose from and they are all freshly prepared in the morning. We just want to taste them all! Give the Nasi Lemak, Nasi Dagang with ikan or ayam and Laksam a try too!

image credit – malayfoodlicious

3.DJJ Restaurant @ Putrajaya in a new tab)

Their family business has been around for 15 years in Kelantan and they now have a branch in Putrajaya. Their Signature Nasi JJ is a MUST try! Deep fried chicken served with fluffy rice and drenched gulai ayam for RM6.50 only! It is so gooddddd. Are we making you hungry already?

image credit – aadarwina

4.Warung Soho @ Hartamas in a new tab)

It’s a very popular warung in KL.

image credit -seefood_diet

So here’s a tip: Head over there before lunch because it’s always packed during lunch hour. And it’s no wonder why! Whether it’s their sotong bakar, ayam goreng or kambing bakar, they are all sedap giler!

5.Warung Kita @ Sungai Buloh in a new tab)

image credit -jommakanbyamie

This warung is famous for Nasi Manggey. A simple dish with fried chicken and rice, but packed with lotsa flavours. They are really popular with the lunch crowd so expect a long queue during lunch hour. Crispy pieces of chicken paired with hot, steamy Nasi Kukus. Satisfaction guaranteed!

This Nasi Manggey will only cost you RM5.50.

So what are you waiting for? Tag your friends who want to go on a Kelantanese food trail! See you there!

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