Flavorful Fajitas From Texas @ Chili’s Malaysia! Limited Time Offer Only!

Chili’s Malaysia always surprises their guests with a series of new menu. From scrumptious burgers to now flavorful Fajita from Dallas, Texas which available for a limited time only! Fajita is a Mexican cuisine where grilled meat is served with flour tortillas. A total of 5 fajitas are released which include Rajas Con Crema, Pulled Beef Ribs Fajitas, Monterey Chicken Fajitas, Blackened Salmon Fajitas and Crispy Portobello. All are served in a hot sizzling skillet and warm flour tortillas. Pulled Beef Ribs Fajitas (RM46.95) is our favorite, tender pulled beef ribs comes with guacamole, sour cream, pico, salsa, shredded cheese, rice and black beans. Mix everything together, every bite was bursting with explosive flavours.

How to enjoy?

  1. Fill it – Fill the warm flour tortillas with meat
  2. Sauce it – Drizzle some sauce in it
  3. Top it – Add some condiments like shredded cheese or pico and side dishes rice or black beans

If you are not a beef lover, you can opt for Monterey Chicken Fajitas (RM35.95) which is served with the same condiments as Pulled Beef Ribs Fajitas but without rice and black beans. Or Blackened Salmon Fajitas (RM52.95) is served with mango salsa, guacamole, crumbled feta cheese and voodoo sauce. Both are flavorful, making your tastebuds reeling with satisfaction. Crispy Portobello (RM38.95) is suitable for vegetarians as it does not consist of any meat but fried portobello mushrooms with bell peppers, onions, rice and black beans. Do enjoy it while the food is still hot, simple but absolutely delicious.

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