Chun Yang Opens 2nd Outlet in Kota Kemuning!

The famous Taiwanese brandChun Yanghas just set up a new store in Kota Kemuning! Chun Yanghas gained a lot of attention when they first open their outlet in One Utama. It is well-loved by Taiwanese people and the celebrities as well! What makesChun Yang stand out from the others is you can experience the original taste of the fresh tea with fresh milk which filled with freshness and purity from their strictly picked tea leaves from Taiwan. Here are some of the MUST trys:

Osmanthus Honey Oolong Tea Series (Seasonal)

Both Osmanthus Honey Oolong and Osmanthus Honey Lemon are refreshing bringing you a hint of Osmanthus fragrant.

Wan Dan Red Bean Milk Series

Use only Taiwan imported Wan Dan Red Bean, and mixed with milk or oolong milk tea. Both version are pretty impressive, the texture and sweetness of red bean will definitely impress your senses!

Brown Sugar Pearl with Fresh Milk

Pearls are cooked in a large wok with brown sugar, added in fresh milk, there is a perfect balance in terms of mouth-feel with the pearls served here.

Honey Lemon with Oolong Tea

This is their signature drink and well-loved by Taiwan celebrities. Not too sweet, every sip is refreshing.

Pudding Oolong Tea with Fresh Milk

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Instagram : Chun Yang Tea KLSGR

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