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If you are looking for good and fresh seafood in Klang, check out Resepi Warisan Tok Sisik, it was formerly known as Sisik Restoran Ikan Bakar. Early June, Resepi Warisan Tok Sisik offers two different operation hours which is 8.00am – 4.30pm and 5.00pm – 12.30am to focus on different menu. Starting from 5pm – 1230am, you will be spoilt with a wide selection of fresh seafood here from fish to squid and live crabs. Best part is, you can pick/choose your seafood and place it in a basket then inform the staff for your preferred cooking method. This is so crazy! Be it steam, grill or fried, konfem sedap giler!! Price is stated on the wall, measure by weight so you can enjoy without breaking your bank. Highly recommend Sotong Bakar Madu, one of our favourite, tender and juicy sotong bakar covered with their spicy sauce. Pepahat Masak BerladaandKupang Masak Berladaare incredibly fresh and sedap!! Pair it with Nasi Lemak Buluh Perindu,fluffy rice immersed with the coconut milk stuffing with Pandan Leaf and wrapped in the Banana Leaf then steamed in Bamboo, simple but absolutely delicious. You can also opt for Ikan Bakar Tempoyak,Siakap Stim Hijau, Udang Goreng Berempah.

For more information, kindly refer to:

Facebook:  Resepi Warisan TOK SISIK

Operation Hours:

Malay Authentic Cuisine   0800 – 1630

Seafood Heaven, Nasi Lemak Buluh Perindu & Steamboat  1700 – 0030

Location: No 32, jln kasuarina 1/ks7, Bandar Botanik, 41200 Klang, Selangor

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