Have your tried this Mamee Monster Fish ‘N Chips?

The Manhattan FISH MARKET just released the all NEW Mamee Monster Fish ‘N Chips! Sounds crazy!? But it is true! The Manhattan FISH MARKETbrings you your favourite childhood snacks yet adds extra crunchy-ness to your taste buds. With RM25, you can enjoy a bowl of soup of the day, bottomless fizzy drink and of course Mamee Monster Fish ‘N Chips! Golden crispy on the outside but juicy in the inside. Not to mention, Tartar Stationis available too! Grab all the flavours available – Orginal Tartar, Lime Tartar, Spicy Grapefruit Tartar, Curry Tartar, BBQ Tartar, Spicy Tartar and chomp down to your heart’s content! Dip it or pour it over Fish N’ Chips? Your call! Never leave the restaurant without taking any photos, it is truly Instagram-worthy! Wear your best and pose like a pro!

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