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This Polo Bun shop levels up their buns with a dozen different stuffings like luncheon meat with egg, XL sized chicken chop, ice cream and more, bringing you both sweet and savoury sensation! It is definitely not your usual polo buns! All Day Polo Bun is located in Uptown Damansara, painted with bright yellow walls, pretty catchy that you can easily spot it from the outside! The walls are lined with the names of Hong Kong districts and destinations, perfect for IG!

As per named, you can enjoy polo buns all day long here! Highly recommended Polo Bun + XL size chicken chopandPolo Bun+Luncheon Meat+Fried Egg, the buns are all made from scratch, from dough-making to baking with no preservatives added. Sink your teeth into this golden-crispy-shelled bun, the crust is crispy yet light and the bun is fluffy with the right consistency and sweetness. That’s exactly how a fresh bun tastes like! You may also opt for the classic one,Polo Bun with Butter. Pair it with【Hot Milk TeaorIced Bucket Milk Teafor a full experience!

*p/s: Due to overwhelming response, they have already increased bakers to ensure polo buns are available all day long!!

Polo Bun with Butter @ RM 4.50

Polo Bun + XL size chicken chop @ RM12.90

Polo Bun+Luncheon Meat+Fried Egg @ RM7.90


If you prefer sweet polo buns, check out All Day Ice Fire Bun, polo buns + ice cream – Uji Matcha and Dark Chocolate are our favourite! Fluffy homemadeEgg Tartis a must try as well, butter-based crust with smooth egg filling, perfect for afternoon tea, probably a break during working hours!【Polo Bun with Pork Chop】is coming soon, please stay tune their Facebook for more updates!

Egg Tart @ RM2.50/pc

All Day Ice Fire Bun @ RM15.90

Iced Bucket Milk Tea @ RM6.90

Hot Milk Tea @ RM4.90

For more information, kindly refer to:

Facebook: 全日菠萝包专卖店 All Day Polo Bun

Operation Hours:

Wednesday  Closed

Monday – Sunday  0830 – 1900

Location: 9A, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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