How I make money while travelling

“Oh, you’re travelling to South Korea? Can you help me buy this?” sounds familiar to you? It is a common phrase we heard (or said!) after telling our family and friends about our upcoming trip plans. Or felt disappointed that some shops located overseas refused to ship internationally or imposed a ridiculously expensive shipping fee?

Fret not,Grabean app allows you to shop without borders and even get paid to travel! This is really cool! With just a few clicks away, users can get their dream items from overseas without paying for shipping cost or having to leave the country, and travellers can earn tip money for their trips! This is how we earn RM700+ during our South Korea trip!

How it Works? Check out the steps below!

Step by step guide for Requester

Step by Step Guide for Traveller

For more information, kindly refer to:

Website: Grabean Malaysia

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