Legit Good Lobsters & King Crabs

Big Guy’s Seafoodis managed by AK Group offering you fresh lobster importing from United States and Canada. AK Group is the largest lobster distributor in Korea, growing imported lobsters at own lobster hubs, hence they offer lobster at a reasonable price!

Menu is pretty simple here – Lobsters , Crabs or King Crabs. It is all priced at USD but payment is acceptable in Korean Won or US Dollar. Pick your lobster or crab from the aquarium tanks or straight away order from the counter and food will be served right to you! If you are looking for a real taste without any toppings, go forGrilled Lobsterside with mussels orJumbo Lobster Course!Cheese Lobsterwith fries on side is truly ideal for cheese lovers! Dare you to try thisLobster Shashimi, raw lobster served on ice! It is indeed perfection in every bite. Tender, fresh and juicy simply aren’t enough to justify the taste and texture of the lobsters here.King Crab Course is amazing! Fleshy fresh meat with no condiment required. Sink-your-teeth-into-this satisfaction! You will truly savour upon very bite. Pair it with【Lobster Ale】or【Crab Ale】, bet you never try this combination before!

Grilled Lobster】$30

Cheese Lobster】$30

King Crab Course】$70

Jumbo Lobster Course】$60 (1KG)

Operation Hours:

Monday – Sunday  1200 – 2200 (2120 last order)

Location: 177-1 Yanghwa-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea


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