Awesome Seafood Dishes

Who doesn’t love the taste of the ocean? Fresh from the shores (or aquarium tank), cooked and served directly to us? Hai Zhong Baowill never disappoint you! Started off from a small stall selling fresh steam fish head to a restaurant offering fresh seafood from aquarium tank! They truly know what’s the best for their customers!

Seafood Potis a BOMB! A big pot filled with an array of fresh seafood such as Patin fish, clams, freshwater lobster, scallops, crab and abalones! Added in superior stock, meat is no doubt fresh and juicy, making you crave for more! Sauna Seafoodis truly amazing! Prawns and clams are caught fresh from the aquarium tanks. Staff clean and place them in the pot on our table then pour in hot water and ‘sauna’ it for few minutes. You can witness the changes of prawn from live to cook! Simple, straight-forwarded and absolutely delicious! The sweetness and freshness of prawns definitely take your taste buds on a ride.

Grouper Fish Head Curryis one of their signature as well! Thick and flavourful curry is more towards sweet savoury, best pair with fragrant rice! You can also opt for other dishes likeSalted Egg Crab,Sweet & Sour Crab,Ba Dong Pork Ribs!

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Operation Hours:

Monday – Sunday  1100 – 1500, 1700 – 2200

Location: Maju Jaya Food Court ( Puchong Utama ), Puchong


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