Real Diamonds for HER From As Low As RM209

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Looking for a meaningful mother’s gift without breaking your bank!?JEOELspecialises in designs with natural gemstones like diamond, ruby, pink sapphire from as low as RM209, offering you modernised gemstones with deep meanings in it. Each design and colour are unique and limited in quantities.  Wearing a piece of color gemstone with deep meaning is about personal expression.


Ruby Rose – representing passion and adventure

Priced at RM209, the Ruby Rose pendant is the ultimate representation of a promise of love, and hope for new beginnings. With a single red Ruby in the heart of the flower igniting passion and Emerald leaves blending into perfect harmony, this gift will surely win the heart of any girl.

Sapphire Rose – representing joy and peace

The Sapphire Rose earrings with its delicate rose petals encasing the Pink Sapphire gives the wearer a sense of overall calmness, enabling its owner to always make wise judgments in any situation whether it is at work or play.  The Sapphire Rose earrings retail at RM249.

Diamond Sakura – representing determination and forever

Cherry blossoms or sakura represents the fragility and the beauty of life as while it is beautiful, it is also fleeting. The heart shaped vines surrounding the flower pendant reminds us to love always, as this life is short.  Both designs feature a single natural Diamond that has unique powers of light reflection to create a fantastic brilliance.

Furthermore, Petite Paradise – a new natural gemstone collection, with classic pieces designed for the ambitious, passionately fearless woman. Not only it is easy to match with outfit but also gives you that extra boost of shining confidence at work or at events!

Garnet Luck pendant, Garnet Luck ring

Sometimes in the deep dark space of the unknown, you need just a little luck to make your dreams come true. Four pieces of heart-cut Red Garnets—January’s birthstone which represent Positivity—are thoughtfully arranged into a four leaf clover, the ultimate symbol of luck. 

The Garnet Luck pendant is retailed at RM269, while matching ring is retailed at RM249.

Garnet Love earrings

They say the prettiest people are the ones who are in love. The Red Garnet represents positivity and surrounded by a star-like twinkle of sparkling stones, this piece will attract all the love you need.

The Garnet Love earrings are retailed at RM239.

Topaz Love earrings

If red is not your colour, twinkling Blue Topaz in the shade of a London Blue is a darker cobalt shade. Its electric blue colour makes it attractive and easy to match with everyday outfits.  So make love, not war, the Blue Topaz represents creativity to conquer everyday challenges.

The Topaz Love earrings are retailed at RM299.

Furthermore, do check out their beads and charms as well! Show your love by decorating a bracelet with beautiful charms to make a unique yet meaningful gift.

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