Flavourful Dumpling Hot Pot @ Seoul

If you are looking for authentic Korean food that serves you amazing Dumpling Hot Pot, buckwheat noodle and Korean rice wine, 【Jalppajin Memil】deserves all your attention! This hidden gem has an average rating of 4.5 in Tripadvisor and Klook! 【Mandu-jeongol】, Dumplings Hot Pot, is a must try here! This hot broth added in fish head, shrimp, mushroom, a variety of vegetables and fish sauce then simmered for 8 hours, it is absolutely flavourful and delicious! It is served in a hotpot filled with vegetables such as beansprouts, mushrooms, enoki mushroom, buckwheat noodle and not to forget homemade dumplings as well! Add on marinated abalones and pork belly in it, you will love it too!

【Suyuk】is one of their best sellers here! Boiled Pork served with Yuzu sauce and Korean leek-salad. Dip boiled pork in yuzu sauce, leaving your taste buds tingling with a sweet and savoury sensation. One piece is definitely not enough! Never walk off the restaurant without having rice wine! Wrap up your meal with 【Makkoli Sampler】comes with 5 different kinds of Korean traditional liquors, each has its uniqueness in terms of taste, fragrance and alcohol percentage.

【Mandu-jeongol】32,000 won (4 pax)

【Makkoli Sampler】12,000 won

【Suyuk】200g 12,000 won / 400g 18,000 won

Instagram: jalppajin_seochon

Address: 73, Yulgok-ro 8-gil, Jongno-guSeoul 03134, South Korea

Operation Hours:

Sunday Closed

Monday – Saturday 1100 – 2130 (Break time (Weekdays Only) 1500 – 1700; Last Order – Lunch 1430; Dinner 2030)


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