Fresh Salmon Sashimi for RM5.90 only!!

Fresh Salmon Sashimi for RM5.90 only at
Yamaguchi Fish Market! You can now even enjoy 30% off on every second item in Salmon SeasonMenu. Weehooo~~ Who says having sashimi could burn a hole in your wallet! Prove them wrong!

Salmon Sashimi RM5.90

Yamaguchi Fish Markethas been well-known for serving authentic Japanese cuisine with fresh ingredients only! WithSalmon Season promotion , everyday is Salmon day!

  • Salmon Sashimi for RM5.90 only for every RM50 spent.
  • 30% off on every second item (Second item’s value has to be lower than or the same as first item)

Salmon Fish Boat RM198

If you are coming with a group of friends,Salmon Fish Boatis a must order! You will be spoilt with the variety of salmon sushi here from grilled to sashimi! A mouthful of fresh sashimi, simple yet satisfying!

Salmon Don RM26

Salmon Canape RM19

Salmon Sushi Platter RM28

Salmon Hanabi RM26

Crunchy Salmon RM26

Salmon Cheese RM25

Salmon Sakura RM26

You can also opt for other salmon dishes as wellSalmon Sushi Platter,Salmon Sakura,Salmon Hanabiand more!! Chomp down to your heart’s content, having sashimi at Yamaguchi Fish Marketwill leave both your tummy and wallet satisfied! Jio your friends now before the promotion ends!

Don’t miss out their daily promotions:

Monday (Japan Day) – 20% Off on Yamaguchi Fish Market A La Carte Food Menu

Tuesday (Unagi Day) – 30% Off on Unagi A La Carte Menu

Wednesday (Wagyu Day) – 30% Off on Wagyu A La Carte Menu

Thursday (Uni Day) – 30% Off on Uni A La Carte Menu

Fri, Sat & Sun (Crab Day) – 20% Snow Crab Mud Crab XXXXL, Live King Crab

For more information, kindly refer to:

Facebook: Yamaguchi Fish Market

Operation Hours:

Monday – Sunday  1200 – 1530 , 1800 – 2230

Friday & Saturday 1200 – 1530 , 1800 – 2300

Location: 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


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