Which’s Your Favourite Nasi Dulang Set?

If you are saying there is no good food in Kajang, you are definitely WRONG! This hidden gem deserves all your attention! Nasi Dulang Daun Pisanga favourite spot for all food lovers in Sg Ramal, Kajang, serving you affordable yet scrumptious Nasi Dulang! It is no doubt always packed during lunch hour. All Nasi Dulang set comes with sambal belacan, sambal penyet, air asam and kuah gulai masak lemak featuring chicken, duck, lamb or seafood!

Highly recommended their signature Set Dulang Ayam, juicy and tender fried chicken, always fried-to-order ensuring it hot and fragrant. If you are into seafood, Nasi Dulang Sotong BakarorNasi Dulang Talapia Merahis a must try! Fresh and firm grilled squid with a good consistency, drench with sambal, it is definitely worth the wait!

You can also opt for Set Nasi Ganja Sotong Bakarcomes with half boiled egg, okra, quarter lime, cucumber and sambal belacan. Flavourful kuah ganja that makes you crave for more!! Dont miss out their signature drink Teh Tarik Madumelting your heart away!

Set Dulang Ayam RM7.50
Set Dulang Talapia Merah RM12- RM20
Nasi Dulang Sotong Bakar Rm18- RM22
Nasi Ganja Sotong Bakar RM18 – RM22
Teh Tarik Madu RM4.50
Coconut Shake RM4.0

For more info, kindly refer to:

Facebook: Khadijah Kitchen

Operation Hours:

Friday  1030 – 1600

Monday – Sunday  1030 – 1530

Location: Pt 75024 jalan besar sungai ramal dalam, Sungai ramal dalam kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor



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