Takamaru – Ocean Fresh Sashimi and Seafood in Tokyo

Takamaru Restaurant is a famous seafood restaurant chain in Tokyo. They serves fresh seafood as the owner, Aki, owns a fish stall in the old Tsukiji Market and currently moved to the new Toyosu Fish Market. All the seafood are freshly caught everyday and served fresh to all their customers.

Their Signature dish is the Sashimi Platter which is one of the foodies you shouldn’t miss in Tokyo. The Special Sashimi Platter as shown in the video cost of 10,000 Yen, which is only about RM380! This is a special shout-out to all sashimi lovers that this is the shop you must visit for cheap and fresh sashimi.

This restaurant also serves cooked food like Kai buro and Sabashioyaki. Kai buro is a bowl of sake-steamed Shellfish with butter and soy sauce flavour. Their soup is the best and yummy one after a few minutes of fresh Shellfish steaming in the pot. Sabashioyaki is Salted grilled Mackerel with rice. The Mackerel is huge and rarely can be found elsewhere.

They also sell some food for Grab-and-go customers like Onigiri (which is huge one!) as well as delicious and fresh bento.

Check out this place at the address:

GS plaza building 101, 7-7-24, Nishi-Shinjuku,  Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

8 minutes walking distance from Nishi-Shinjuku Station (Marunouchi Line)

Opening Hour: 11am to 11pm


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