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Getting a Rösti without a trace of greasy aftertaste in KL is hard but not in【Rösti Haus】! 【Rösti Haus】 serves you rosti pan-fried to perfection where edges are crisp and crusty to bite but silky soft inside yet you wouldn’t feel greasy at all! Three types of potatoes are used to get the right taste and texture. Most of the dishes here are served with their signature Rösti. The best part is, you are allowed to customise your menu here, let’s not take the menu seriously shall we? Be it pork, beef, or fish, your call! Just buzz the owner your choice of menu and make a booking 3 days in advance before your visit!

Highly recommended 【Jagaimo-yaki】– grated potatoes, crowned with a runny egg, drizzled with homemade mayo, fish flakes and seaweed! 【Triple Cooked Chicken】is our top pick, boneless chicken leg, baked, sautéed and torched to perfection, it is definitely worth the wait! You can also opt for【Pork Ribs】or【Carbonara】

Chinese Article 中文文章

美味又不油腻的rösti, 瑞士煎土豆绝对是难找啦!Rösti Haus使用了3种马铃薯,吃起来不但不油腻,而且外脆内松软哦!超美味的!重点是【想点食,你话事哦!】就算menu没有,没关系!只需3天前预定或通知店主,就可以咯!想吃鱼,鸡或牛肉都不是问题了!特推荐 Jagaimo-yaki,把土豆切成条状再去煎,放上半生熟蛋,自制酱和紫菜!味道完成意想不到哦!让你停不了口!还有必试Triple Cooked Chicken也是小编的最爱啦!把鸡腿去骨,高温烘烤,煎,再用火烧烤!完全不干而且超juicy哦!Pork RibsCarbonara也不错哦!

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Monday – Sunday  1100 – 2100

Location: 2709, Jalan Permata 10, Taman Permata, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor


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