Best Grass Jelly Taro Balls Dessert- 必吃仙草芋圆雪花冰

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Grandmom Dessert 阿嫲芋圆。豆花】has been serving traditional handmade Taiwanese dessert for more than 5 years. This humble family-owned restaurant is located at Seri Kembangan, right opposite post office. Once you step into the shop, you will definitely be filled with high school memories, sticky notes pasted on walls, letters from customers, mostly blessings, wishes and even confession notes! Various shaved ice series, such as Soya Ice Series,Grass Jelly Series,Tau Fa Seriesand more are available here. The best part is -all ingredients are handmade and freshly prepared daily, with no artificial flavour and colouring preservative, at an affordable price! You can either order their best seller comes with shaved ice and toppings or mix and match your own way. I personally like their toppingsQQ Ball, not only it is soft and chewy but less sweet as well while for based I prefer coldGrass Jelly Iceand Sea Jelly, both are silky smooth texture and it is refreshing element will eventually help your body ease the sunny weather.

Soya Ice + Grass Jelly + Red Bean + QQ Ball –  RM 6.60

Grass Jelly Ice + Grass Jelly + QQ Ball + Creamer  –  RM6.60

Sea Jelly + QQ Ball + Pearl + Syrup  – RM 6.60

Tau Fu Series + Taro + Red Bean + Pearl – RM 6.60

Sea Jelly + QQ Ball + Pearl + Syrup – RM6.60

Grass Jelly Ice + Grass Jelly + QQ Ball + Creamer – RM6.60

Soya Ice + Grass jelly + Ocha Ball + Red Bean – RM6.80

Chinese Article 中文文章

已经营5年多,隐藏在Seri Kembangan,邮政局对面的Grandmom Dessert 阿嫲芋圆。豆花】竟卖台湾甜品!一踏进门,就被这满满的祝福语,愿望树还有表白信给包围了咯!满满的中学回忆涌进脑海里!来这当然要吃刨冰啦!有多种人气甜品【豆浆冰】【仙草冰】【豆花系列】等,都值得一试哦!重点是,这里的材料全是手工自制,每天新鲜准备,无加任何色素和防腐剂哦!而且价钱实惠!来个人气甜品包含了刨冰和配料,或者Mix & Match 也行!它家【芋圆】是小编的最爱哦QQ,弹牙的芋圆,而且不会很甜!还有冰凉的【仙草冰系列】【海燕窝】,滑又顺口,吃了可以马上解渴啊!

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Facebook: Grandmom Dessert 阿嫲芋圆。豆花

Opening Hour:

Monday & Tuesday     Closed

Wednesday – Sunday  1300 – 2300

Location: 1506 Jalan Besar Seri Kembangan New Village, Seri Kembangan


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