DIY your own dish from RM2- DIY 食面, 最低只需RM2 而已!@KL

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If you are studying in TARC or staying around Genting Klang, this is something you shouldn’t miss out! The trendiest and coolest noodle shop ever, Overlok碌爆卡】allows you to customise your own bowl of noodle, pick your favourite noodle and soup then mix up with your choice of lok lok! From as low as RM2 only! Simple and straight forward! Lok to your heart’s content!

Overlok碌爆卡】is definitely more than lok lok! Don’t be surprised when menu is not available! Customize your own bowl of noodle with more than 100 varieties of lok lok – from seafood to vegetables and 6 different broths and noodles for your to choose from!


  1. Pick your favourite noodles – Mee Shabu, Ho Fun, Lai Fun, Yellow Noodle etc
  2. Choose your favourite soup (6 different broths available) – Signature Satay, Signature Tom Yum, Signature Curry, Signature Anchovies Soup, Deep Fried, etc.
  3. Add-on your choice of lok lok – pork balls, fish balls, prawns, vegetables, abalone mushrooms, bacon, sausage, etc.
  4. Pay at the counter
  5. Ta-dah! Mix and Match is done!

Highly recommended theirSignature Anchovies Soup, a clear and flavourful broth of anchovies and chicken bone is simmered for 3 hours! If soup is not-your-thing, try out their Deep Friedlok lok. Not only it is made to order, keeping it crunchy and tasty but it is also kids-friendly as the food is prepared in the kitchen. Ladies, you have no worry about the oily smell on your hair as well! Don’t forget to order their homemade herbal tea to soothe your body! With the price range between RM1 – RM2 per lok lok, delicious yet will not hurt your wallet. What are you waiting for! Bring your friends along and DIY together!


Chinese Article 中文文章

【拉曼学生有口福啦!全马最潮,独一无二!Genting Klang Overlok碌爆卡DIY食面+室内碌碌,经济又抵食,超过百种搭配,还有炸料,6种汤头任选!最低只需RM2而已!】

位于Genting Klang的【Overlok碌爆卡】超创意的推出DIY食面+室内碌碌!一踏进【Overlok碌爆卡】你可能以为它只卖碌碌,那就错了哦!除了碌碌,它家主要是卖面啦!


  1. 选你喜爱的面条米粉,面,伊面,粿条等
  2. 配上汤头(6种汤头任选)招牌沙爹,招牌Tom yum 招牌咖喱,招牌江鱼仔鸡骨,香炸等
  3. 搭上你喜爱的碌碌配料 (百种搭配)猪肉丸,鱼丸,腐皮,菜,鲍鱼菇,培根,香肠等
  4. 到柜台付钱
  5. 热呼呼的DIY食面就完成咯!

超简单吧!大力推荐它家【江鱼仔鸡骨】,熬煮3小时的汤头,清甜入味!不喜欢汤头?!那就来点炸碌碌吧!炸料都会在厨房里现点现炸,所以美女们都不必担心头发有油烟味哦!而且小孩都适合,不必怕烫伤嘛!碌碌价格位于RM1 – RM2而已!是不是很抵食叻!还有超过百种搭配,让你百吃不厌!别忘了来杯【自制凉茶】降降火哟!还等什么!一起来DIY咯!

For more info, kindly refer to:

FacebookOverLok 碌爆卡

Opening hour:

Monday – Sunday   1200 – 2300

Location50, Plaza Usahawan crystal Ville, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, off Taman Danau Kota, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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