Fire Flavour Fun – 刺激火焰西餐厅 @ KL

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If you think live cooking is only happening in Japanese restaurant, you are definitely wrong! Say Cheeseis the talk of the town you would’ve been baffled and awestruck by the chefs’ sleight of hand, breathtaking tricks such as juggling, tossing, and literally explosive theatrics, bringing a sense of drama and excitement to your table! Needless to say, it has been all over Instagram!

Highly recommended their main courseBBQ Premium Pork Chop,BBQ Country Baked Porkand small bitesBruschetta with Bacon. All grilled and flamed right in front of you with skillful stunts that will make you go ooh and ahh!! Remember to thank the chef when he’s done!BBQ Premium Pork Chopserves with tender and juicy meat melting in your mouth! WhileBruschetta with Baconis good for sharing, crispy yet tasty bacon, added with grated parmesan cheese which definitely gives you extra kick!!

If you are a cheese lover, don’t miss outAussie Fish, Calamari & Chipsdrenched with melting CheeseLava! You can also opt forGerman Pork Sausage Buttermilk Pastawith nicely cut tender German Pork Sausage and buttermilk on the side. Pour in your preference amount of buttermilk before feasting on it! Not to forget their deliciousLunch SpecialKung Pou Chicken RiceandMarinara Chicken Pasta! More exciting dishes will be added in too!

Not only their food but the environment is instagrammable too! And most importantly it is parking friendly! It solves your ‘Why No Parking aaaaa!’ problem! Come down here for your next celebration!


Chinese Article 中文文章

Bukit Jalil人气Say Cheese Cafe不一样西式美食,帅气厨师现场耍火表演,刺激又惊叹!还有浪漫环境,是你打卡必去的地方哦!

爆红的Say Cheese Cafe已在Bukit Jalil开第二家分行啦!这里除了有各式各样的西式美食,最大的卖点是它家帅气厨师现场耍火表演啦!这Table Service是你绝对不能错过的啦!马上来份主食BBQ Premium Pork Chop,BBQ Country Baked Pork 小吃Bruschetta with Bacon,就能欣赏到这刺激又惊叹的现场耍火表演!让你忍不住打卡了!BBQ Premium Pork Chop腌制的猪肉再对上现场火焰烧烤,肉嫩多汁,肥肉融化在口中!爽爆啊!来份Bruschetta with Bacon也不错,香脆可口的培根再撒上满满邪恶的芝士!有满足感哦!

喜欢芝士的你,怎么能错过Aussie Fish, Calamari & Chips呢?鲜炸的鱼配上薯条和炸鱿鱼,再淋上超邪恶芝士!吃了再说吧!嘻嘻~ German Pork Sausage Buttermilk Pasta也值得一试哟,倒上适量的Buttermilk再享用!它家还提供Lunch Special ,可以试试Kung Pou Chicken RiceMarinara Chicken Pasta,想吃得饱又不想晒太阳,那就来Say Cheese Cafe吧!快拉人马一起来庆祝吧!重点是这里有很多Parking哦!解决了你天下第一问题!

Facebook:  Say Cheese Cafe

Opening Hour: 

Monday – Sunday  1200 – 2200

** Kitchen Last Call 

Sunday – Thursday  2100

Friday & Saturday  2130

Location: C-15-G, Shop Lot, Jalil Link 2, Jalan Jalil Perkasa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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