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Mulberry Hill by the Lodge is renowned as a vegetable and fruit-producing farming in highland area – Lembang, Indonesia, with only 5 – 10 minutes away from The Lodge Maribaya and Fairy Garden. Surrounded by 5 different mountains, providing you a 360-degree panoramic view over mountain ridge, staring in awe of the nature beauty, Mulberry Hill by the Lodge is your perfect getaway! It is the best therapeutic place for you to recharge and get some peace and quiet away from the city.

Different types of accommodation are available to suit your needs.

The Villa – Party lovers or large family group

With several bedrooms, wide open space and landscaped gardens.

  • Villa Gede
  • Villa Kaca

 The Village – Couples or Bffs

8 semi-detached bungalows in a secluded and private garden area

  • Spacious Bedroom
  • Private Bathroom
  • Private Garden Area

Camping Ground – Nature lovers or Adventurers

Sleeping on millions of stars, sharing stories and exciting experiences with the warmth of a campfire, accompanied by a guitar pass and a cup of warm drink. 

  • Tents available for rent along with other essentials 

Glamping – Nature lovers, Adventurers or Couples

Stunning nature meets modern luxury. With spectacular city view that you can gaze at from each private balcony and has private bathroom!

Besides, there are plenty of outdoor activities for those who appreciate the magnificence of nature, and you can even feed rabbits! You can also be involved in pottery, hiking, exploring rose garden or even pick you own vegetables to fill up your day! Organic plants are available for you to explore, pick and buy your favourite vegetables!

Not to mention their famous in-house restaurant, The Bale, surrounded by breathtaking views, offering you a variety of fresh and healthy food & beverages derived from nearby organic farms.

Do not miss out the fun and excitement in The Lodge Maribaya and Fairy Garden too! With only 5-10 min away from Mulberry Hill by The Lodge, not only it is instagram worthy, but the breathtaking views and unique outdoor experience absolutely make your day memorable and well-spent!

I believe everyone dreamt about possessing your own magic when you were kids. So did I. I wished I had a time-travel machine! In Fairy Garden, you can’t fast forward time in fact you will easily lose track of the time you spend here!! Fairies will keep you company throughout the journey, keeping you and your beloved ones entertained! You can even rent fairy wings and be your own fairy! It is both adults and kids’ heaven here! Let’s the magical journey begins right here~

While for The Lodge Maribaya, bring your friends along to experience the extraordinary Camping, staying in the onion look-alike tent, getting close with nature, it is a perfect time for bonding and chillax! Trust me, you don’t even have time to play with your phone as a series of adventure activities are waiting for you to explore such as Hot Air Balloon, Zip Bike, Sky Tree and more! Get your lunch fixed at Omah Bamboo restaurant while enjoying stunning view.

Chinese Article 中文文章

位于印尼,伦邦,高山区的 Mulberry Hill by the Lodge 曾是个蔬菜和水果生产区,但现已发展成旅游胜地让人夸目相看!被5座不同的山脉围绕着,除了空气清新和天气凉爽,还有那逼死人的360度全景,不打卡就对不起自己了哦!这远离都市的喧哗 – 只有风吹,绿叶摩擦和大自然的声音,绝对是你充电的好去处啊!而且距离 The Lodge Maribaya Fairy Garden 只有5-10分钟的路程而已!

Mulberry Hill by the Lodge为你提供不同类型的住宿来满足你的需求。

别墅 – 适合派对们或大家庭们

– 设有几间卧室,宽敞的开放空间和园景花园

  • Villa Gede
  • Villa Kaca

村庄 – 适合夫妻,情侣或闺蜜

– 8间半独立式别墅,位于僻静的私人花园区

  • 宽敞的卧室
  • 私人浴室
  • 私人花园区

露营地 – 大自然爱好者或冒险家

– 与数百万颗星星同睡,在火坑中取暖和队友们分享动听故事和体验,再来个吉他弹唱。快乐其实可以很简单。

  • 帐篷和其他必需品都有出租

Glamping -大自然爱好者, 冒险家, 情侣


当然,还有很多户外活动,都等着你去探索哦!有陶器工坊,行山,探索玫瑰花园,甚至还可以喂兔子!最棒的是,你也可以栽和购买你喜爱的有机蔬菜哦,因为在高山区嘛,新鲜蔬菜是满普遍的。更不用说他家著名餐厅The Bale,除了被壮丽的景色围绕着,当然不能少的它家新鲜健康食品和饮料咯!

Mulberry Hill by The Lodge 绝对不能错过The Lodge MaribayaFairy Garden带给你的欢乐哟! 距离Mulberry Hill by The Lodge仅有5-10分钟的路程,不仅仅值得一游,而且令人叹为观止的美景和独特的户外体验和打卡经验绝对让你难忘!

相信每个人小时候都曾幻想过拥有自己的魔力。当然小编也不例外啦!嘻嘻。。我呢就希望有一台时光机能把时间给打快或倒流!在Fairy Garden,你不能控制时间,但欢乐会把你给忘了在这逗留的时间。仙女们将陪伴你整个旅程,让你和你的宝贝儿都不孤单!你甚至还可以租仙女翅膀,完成自己的小小心愿哦!神奇之旅马上开始咯~

如果你还没体验过独特非凡的Camping,也是道地出名的住宿,那就一定要来The Lodge Maribaya住在洋葱似的帐篷里,绝对是聚会,聊天的好地方!这里除了打卡还有一系列刺激活动等着你,如热气球拉链自行车天空树等等!按电话都没时间呢!累了,还可以在Omah Bamboo餐厅享用午餐,同时也能欣赏优美的景色!棒棒哒~

For more info, kindly refer to:

WebsiteMulberry Hill by the Lodge

Facebook: Mulberry Hill by The Lodge

Location: Jalan Maribaya Timur No 1, RT.01/RW.10 Desa Cibodas Lembang, Kab Bandung Barat, Cibodas, Lembang Bandung, Jawa Barat 40391


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