Must Try Bak Kut Teh – 香浓肉骨茶 @ KL

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Kepong Leng Zai Bak Kut Teh】compromised of 15 different types of natural herbs and spices, slowly simmered to rich yet flavourful broth! Be it dry or soup, if you are looking for a flavourful broth of bak kut teh, look no further than Leng Zai Bak Kut Teh! The taste is comparable to Klang ones and most importantly it is pocket-friendly.

Must try theirDa GuandXiao Gu. Not only both drumsticks are rich in collagen, but the meat is tender and juicy, makes your taste bud reeling with satisfaction. Fret not, the boss will recommend you which is suitable for dry and which is for soup, ensuring you savour upon every bite!

What is great about the soup is the taste of the herbs is quite pronounced. Their broth is thick, high fragrance with a well balanced sweet taste of pork and herbs absolutely goes well with side dishes such as Lettuce,Romaine,Jiao Wan,Pai Gu,innards,Enoki Mushroomand more! With a bowl of White RiceorOil Ricetops with savoury bak kut teh, it already keeps you going! Lastly, don’t worry too much while ordering, you won’t be expecting an exploding bill in the end. 

Name of Dish – Price (Per Pax)

  • Da Gu –  RM18.5
  • Xiao Gu – RM18.5
  • Jiao Wan – RM13.5
  • Pai Gu – RM13.5
  • Mixed Vegetables Broth (Button mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Tau Fu Pok, Fu Chok) – RM 24
  • Yao Char Guai – RM2
  • Lettuce & Romaine- Start from RM10

Chinese Article 中文文章

Kepong竟发现【靓仔肉骨茶】!由15种不同天然草药和香料熬制成, 味道浓郁,绝对比得上Klang哟!! 必试招牌【猪大骨】和【猪小骨】!汤或干的任你选!重点是平民价哦!!

如果你喜欢吃重口味的肉骨茶或巴生肉骨茶,来Kepong Menjalara就对了!【靓仔肉骨茶】绝对能满足你的味蕾!汤头由15种不同天然草药和香料熬制成,味道不但浓郁而且芳香朴鼻!让人难以抗拒啊!一定要试镇店之宝【猪大骨】和【猪小骨】肉质不但柔软嫩滑,而且还充满了胶原蛋白哦!!老板还很细心会介绍你哪个干吃,哪个汤吃比较适合哦!棒棒哒!汤和干的都是小编的最爱啊!


菜肴 – 价钱(单位)

  • 猪大骨 – RM18.5
  • 猪小骨 – RM 18.5
  • 脚腕 – RM13.5
  • 排骨 – RM13.5
  • 盘菜 (蘑菇,金针菇,腐竹,豆腐干) – RM24
  • 油条 – RM2
  • 玻璃生菜 & 油麦 – 从RM10起

Facebook: Leng Zai Bak Kut Teh – 靓仔肉骨茶

Opening Hour:

Thursday  Closed

Monday – Sunday  1600 – 2300

Location: 31, Jalan 3/62d, Medan Putra Business Centre, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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