Must Visit The ‘Paris’ of Indonesia Part 2

Day Four – Lembang

Tangkuban Perahu – Kawah Domas – Trizara Resort – Dusun Bambu Leisure Park

The famous active volcano, Tangkuban Perahu , that resembles an upside-down boat which was last erupted in 2013. After checked out from Grand Tebu Hotel Bandung, we proceeded to Tangkuban Perahu. The coolest part of Tangkuban Perahu is it consists of three craters into which areas tourists can walk through. It is also the most expensive attractions among all.

We visited Kawah Domas, one of the three craters. You definitely need a guide to lead you through the woods. It felt surreal standing in the throbbing heart of an active volcano with foggy and chilling weather. What makes Kawah Domas unique is the various pools of varying temperature. Pick the right temperature and soak your feet in. You can even do mud spa – just top up some extra charges. While the boiling springs can even be used to boil eggs, which you can purchase from a nearby shop.

Checked in at Trizara Resort and we are so excited on this unique stay! It is a fully equipped luxury glamping, sleeping in a tent with breathtaking view! As it’s on higher ground, you’ll be greeted with a morning mist when you wake. We immerse ourselves in this gorgeous nature and chilling weather. You can gather around the bonfire while singing along to camping songs.

Then, we visited Dusun Bambu Leisure Park. It is a family leisure park with interesting architecture and activities! Not only it is kids’ paradise here but it is also adults’ favourite instagrammable spots!!

Tangkuban Perahu
Fee: IDR 200,000/pax
     IDR 25,000/car entry
     IDR 5,000/parking

Kawah Domas
Fee: IDR 150,000/pax
     IDR 300,000 for 2 pax (Mud Spa)
     IDR 300,000 for 2 pax (Tour Guide Fee)
*Do bargain on the tour guide fee before making a move.
*Touts will follow you along the way, turn them down if you are not comfortable with them.

Dusun Bambu Leisure Park
Fee: IDR 25,000/pax
     IDR 15,000/car

Day Five – Lembang

Farmhouse Bandung – Floating Market – Kampung Daun Restaurant (Lunch) – Orchid Forest Cikole

Experience The Hobbit House in Farmhouse Bandung, with the combination of agriculture, film, and wanderlust all in one place. With its European-styled buildings and European costume to rent, this is truly instagram-worthy!

Meanwhile, Floating Market in Bandung is slightly different from Thailand. Enjoy yourself eating on the boat next to the hawker’s stalls.

Kampung Daun Restaurant is reputable for their Sundanese Cuisine. Dining in the nature surrounded by trees, peaceful and lovely ambience, it offers you the chance to escape into a world of serenity. We were offered to seat on the floor in a dining hut. It is truly an extraordinary experience!

If you are looking for instagrammable post, you should definitely visit Orchid Forest Cikole! This mystery park in the middle of pine forest, with nicely design landscapes making every single corner instagram-worthy!

Farmhouse Bandung
Fee: IDR 25,000/pax
     IDR 75,000/pax (Costume Rental)
*Keep the entrance ticket/voucher to redeem a cup of fresh milk

Floating Market
Fee: IDR 20,000/pax
*Keep the entrance ticket/voucher to redeem your drinks.

Orchid Forest Cikole
Fee: IDR 30,000/pax
     IDR 5,000/car

Day Six – Lembang

Mulberry Hill by The Lodge – The Lodge Maribaya Stay – Fairy Garden – Tafso Barn – Maribaya Natural Hot Spring

Moving forward to check in at Mulberry Hill by the Lodge. It is no doubt a strategic location staying here with only 5-10 min away from The Lodge Maribaya and Fairy Garden

The Lodge Maribaya, not only it is instagram worthy, but the breathtaking views and unique outdoor experience absolutely make your day memorable!

Bring your friends along to experience the extraordinary Camping, staying in the onion look-alike tent, it is a perfect time for bonding and chillax!

Trust me, you don’t even have time to play with your phone as a series of adventure activities are waiting for you to explore such as Hot Air Balloon, Zip Bike, Sky Tree and more!

Get your lunch fixed at Omah Bamboo restaurant while enjoying stunning view.

I believe everyone dreamt about possessing your own magic when you were kids. So did I. I wished I had a time-travel machine! In Fairy Garden, you can’t fast forward time in fact you will easily lose track of the time you spend here!! Fairies will keep you company throughout the journey, keeping you and your beloved ones entertained! You can even rent fairy wings and be your own fairy! It is both adults and kids’ heaven here! Let’s the magical journey begins right here~

We had our high tea at Tafso Barn. It offers a cliff-side retreat complete with spectacular views of Bandung but the food needs some improvement instead.

Last stop at Maribaya Natural Hot Spring to relax our mind and soul before leaving this beautiful country tomorrow. Hot Spring was not so hot afterall but it was a good experience though.

Fairy Garden
Fee: IDR 25,000/pax (inclusive of 1 voucher meal IDR 10.000 & 1 free ticket activity inside)

Maribaya Natural Hot Spring
Fee: IDR 25,000/pax (Entrance Fee)
     IDR 90,000/pax (Hot Spring - Non Vip Package)
     IDR 115,000/pax (Hot Spring - VIP Package inclusive of snack)

Day Seven – Free & Easy

Lawangwangi Creative Space – Taman Hutan Raya Juanda – Paris Van Java – Husien Sastranegara Airport

Our last day here in Bandung, Happy recommended us some places to visit before heading to airport, such as Lawangwangi Creative Space with stunning view, Taman Hutan Raya Juanda is a conservation area and botanical garden stretching from Dago Pakar to Maribaya and the well-known shopping mall Paris Van Java!

No doubt Bandung is full of surprised and excitement whether you are adventurers or family lovers, this will be your next destination! The picturesque view, chilly weather and friendly people absolutely gave us a good impression! Bandung has been good to us, we would definitely love to explore more in Indonesia! See you soon~

Special thanks to Java Private Tour for their warm hospitality. Our trip couldn’t be so happening without them! Happy is indeed helpful and professional, giving his best service and patience. It is an amazing yet unforgettable trip with Java Private Tour!

Also, thanks Travel Recommends for keeping us connected throughout the trip! It is hassle free and we can upload our photos on IG and Facebook instantly!


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