Fresh and Bouncy Handmade Fishballs – Q感十足,自制西刀鱼丸粉

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Be it rainy, cold or even hot day, a bowl of comforting fresh handmade fishball noodle will never go wrong!Loke Yew Road Fishball Noodleis a hidden gem in Taman Midah, well known for their handmade fresh and bouncy fishball noodle. It is now operated by the third generation and the owner insists to make fishballs daily from fresh fish only without adding any preservatives – no wonder there are so many customers willing to go back for more!

Highly recommended Dry Fishball with Homemade Noodle ! Apart from their superb fish balls, their homemade noodle is smooth and tender sprinkled with a generous amount Pork Lard! The aromaticPork Lardmakes you wanted to gobble up the noodle in a second! The best part is you are allowed to refill Pork Lardwith NO LIMIT and CHARGES!! They render the Pork Lardwith garlic and fried onions making it more flavourful compare to what you have outside!! You can also opt for Soup Fishball Noodle, the soup tastes sweet and pleasantly good.

Not to forget their Fried Fish Cakestoo!! One is surely not enough!! Also, give it a try on their Leopard Coral Grouper noodle, sweet and flavourful because it is added with rice wine!

Dry/Soup Fishball Noodle– Small (RM7) / Big (RM8)

Fried Fish Cakes– RM6/plate

Chinese Article 中文文章

每天新鲜自制西刀鱼丸丸,不添加任何添加剂,没鲜鱼宁休业,就在Taman Midah的【陆佑路(成记第三代)西刀鱼丸粉】!还有无限量供应【猪油渣】任拿不收费!棒棒哒!!

新鲜,好吃又弹牙的鱼丸粉已经买少见少啦!而隐藏在Taman Midah的【陆佑路(成记第三代)西刀鱼丸粉】果然名不虚传哦!以自制鱼丸闻名,每天坚持提供新鲜鱼丸,鱼丸弹性十足,货真价实啊!!难怪大家都成了它家忠实粉丝啊!嘻嘻



【干捞/汤鱼丸粉】小(RM7/ RM8

【炸鱼饼】 – RM6/

For more info, kindly refer to:

Facebook: 陆佑路(成记第三代)西刀鱼丸粉

Opening Hour:

Monday – Sunday  0600 – 1600

Location: 7, Jalan Midah 5, Taman Midah, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur


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