Authentic Hokkien Dishes – 30多年历史福建炒薯粉

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Have you ever tried the authentic HokkienStir-Fried Sweet Potato Noodlebefore? No doubt, it is rare to find such a simple yet delicious dish nowadays due to massive preparations required. Pu Yuan Restaurantis located at Old Klang Road and has been operated for more than 30 years, well known for their authentic Hokkien dishes such as homemadeStir-Fried Sweet Potato Noodle,Stir-Fried Rice Cakeand more!

Pu Yuan Restaurant is a hidden gem in Old Klang Road, the place is quite secluded and the door of this restaurant is shut all the time. It looks pretty run-down from outside but once you stepped in, you will see bright and air-conditioned space with less than 10 tables. Their signature homemade Hokkien dishStir-Fried Sweet Potato Noodleis highly recommended, noodle is slightly sticky but thin and chewy with full of ‘wok hei’. While Stir-Fried Rice Cake’s texture is thicker and springier, rich in flavour. Deep Fried Oatmeal Chickenis a must try as well, deep fried bite-size chicken, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It is too good to resist! You can also opt for sweet and flavourfulGuinness Pork Ribssimple yet delicious!

Chinese Article 中文文章

30多年历史Old Klang Road隐藏福建美食,以自制【炒薯粉】【炒白粿】闻名的【朴苑小吃馆】简单又美味,吃了回味无穷!回头率蛮高的哦!!

你吃过福建传统自制【炒薯粉】吗?一道需要花很多功夫和时间来形成的薯粉,简单又美味,但已买少见少了!!来到Old Klang Road【朴苑小吃馆】,一家隐藏福建菜馆,店外虽不起眼,且还很简陋,但店内灯光十足,还有冷气,完全是内外不一啊!哈哈~

来到这必点招牌福建美食【炒薯粉】,薯粉带粘但每片薄而弹牙,味道十足,很有‘Wok Hei’哦!!而【炒白粿】比较厚,吃起来有 ‘QQ’的感觉,味道浓郁!还有【燕麦鸡】也是必点之一,油炸麦片和鸡肉块,香脆的外皮和松软的鸡肉,太赞了!!当然香甜的【黑啤骨】也让人停不了口啊!!简单又美味!记得拉起人马来吃哦!!

For more info, kindly refer:

Restaurant Name朴苑小吃馆

Opening Hour:

Thursday Closed

Monday – Sunday  1130 – 1500 , 1800- 2200

Contact: Mr Lee 016 279 0629/012 364 2684

Location: No.112 ,Batu 4 1/2 ,Jalan Klang Lama ,58000 Kuala Lumpur .


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